Ignorance is Dangerous

I don’t know Diana Guthe, but I despise her.

How is it possible to be so narcissistic and lack self-awareness at the same time?  The mind boggles!

Let me explain. 

I ran across a social media post the other day by this person and her ignorant self-righteousness was so horrendous, I could not let it pass without comment.

Ms. Guthe’s post is of a selfie taken on an airplane with the following comment:

“I no longer mask everywhere. I avoid most large gatherings, choose outdoors whenever possible & assess indoor spaces on basis of density/ventilation. I also consider date of last booster (Novavax 3 wks ago). I continue to mask on planes and anywhere else I consider higher risk”

Are you kidding me? Is this woman bragging?

This woman arrogates for herself the ‘right to choose’ on where and when she wears a mask and actually brags about the many variables she takes into consideration when making her choice.

What she fails to see (and never will) was that she spent 2 years screaming at the unmasked, yelling at us that we were killing people by our choice to ‘assess indoor spaces’ and choose for ourselves that our risk was nil.

This harpy is of the same ilk who would deny you due process on Monday and then demand due process for herself on Tuesday.

To borrow a line from the left’s autistic global – warming darling puppet of the moment, “How dare you.”

How dare this harridan claim for herself the same right to ‘assess’ and choose that she denied us just a few short months ago. 

And here’s the kicker! She sees absolutely no problem in her statements.  In this woman’s mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to deny an individual’s sovereignty and a few short months later declare herself ‘smarter than thou’ and make the exact same choices you made three years ago.

Diane Guthe, I don’t know you, but you can go F yourself.


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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