Never Go Against a Communist When Fraud Is On the Line

h/t The Princess Bride

The House recently passed a piece of legislation the other day called “The Parents Bill of Rights Act” (HR 5).  Among other things, the bill is intended to outline the rights parents have while their children attend government schools.  These ‘rights’ include the requirement to provide parents with reading lists and books available at the school library as well as publicly posting curriculum for review.  The bill passed 213 to 208 with five Republicans voting against the measure. They were:

Matt Gaetz

Andy Biggs

Ken Buck

Matthew Rosendale and

Michael Lawler

Considering his track record, I was most surprised at Matt Gaetz’s vote against this legislation.  Here is a link to him explaining his vote on the Charlie Kirk Show.

To summarize, Rep. Gaetz provided the only Constitutionally sound argument against legislation that outlines a parent’s rights over their childrens’ education:

It’s none of the Federal Government’s business

The only ironic piece of the entire episode was how AOC went completely off the deep end in her own shallow response when she labelled parental rights over their own children’s education as ‘fascist.’

These ignoramuses (AOC as its chief-ette) simply have no sense of scale or measure. Literally every attempt to advocate for an idea that goes against their ideology is ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’ or ‘trans-phobic.’  I’m guessing that she must have bought the El Cheapo Thesaurus hoping to save money for her defense of the many ethics complaints lodged against her and she’s now being forced to re-use the same tired, old epithets.  The only thing more useless than a 10-page thesauraus is an avowed Communist with an Economics degree.  Oh, wait…

Now, just as a quick aside, I want to make clear that this legislation should wholly and completely be unnecessary.  There is no authority over a child that supersedes a parent, period. And I fret that we may be committing a mistake with this legislation (and legislation like it such as the “Passenger’s Bill of Rights” for air travel) that by enumerating certain Rights, other rights are excluded by omission. This was a trap the founders avoided by laying out quite specifically that the Rights enumerated in the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution were listed 1) as a limitation on the proposed Federal Government and 2) did not serve to exclude any Natural Rights not necessarily listed in the first 10 amendments.

But the point that needs to be made is that the Communists DO NOT disagree with the Legislation at all.  They do not believe for a New York Minute that a parent’s authority over their children is absolute. No, these enemies of Liberty believe that you, the sweat of your brow and your children belong to the State. Never forget this.

Our enemy is relentless. Their worldview cannot conceive of any idea or solution that does not result in more power for the State. Such a possibility is utterly incomprehensible to them. They are a dog with a bone; it is all they know, it is all they understand, it is all they want.

But just like dogs, wannabe dictators understand only one thing: a short, sharp shock of a rolled up newspaper to the nose. I have a good feeling that the dogs of our current national discourse are going to get a very much deserved and much-delayed lesson in discipline soon.

When’s Bastille Day?


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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