Thank You, Liberty First Warriors!

I just wanted to say thank you to all our warriors in the Liberty First movement.  You keep me going. Your dedication to learning about and defending our constitutional rights gives me hope for my son’s future – because YOU will never quit!


Over the past month, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of you at events in Houston, Fredericksburg, Nashville, Grand Rapids, Kansas City, and here in Florida.

While in Nashville I spoke at the Content Film in Motion Summit about our award-winning documentary NONCOMPLIANT and attended the National Religious Broadcasters convention with Victory News to cover Donald Trump’s speech at the event.

We also had an amazing event with Tennessee Citizens for State Sovereignty where citizens and legislators are working to give legislative teeth to nullification.

I hope to see you at some of these UPCOMING EVENTS:

Same America Conference, April 5 Tampa, FL – We will be at the New Tampa Republican Club to equipping patriots to fight the border invasion that has spilled into all our states.

Ozarks Conservative Convention, April 13 Springfield, MO – Training patriots to defend their rights through Nullification.

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And tune-in for my regular appearances on Victory News, The Kate Dalley Show, QuiteFrankly, and Court TV


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During the lockdowns we had the privilege of helping keep churches open. One of those was in Latvia! We finally got to visit that church in March!

Learn more about our daily work at Liberty First Legal



As a Liberty First Warrior, you deserve to be outfitted with the best resources available. Visit our online store to stock up on books, DVDs, and apparel that will help you spread the message of freedom far and wide. Your purchase directly supports our shared mission.


Thank you for being a hero in the fight for liberty. Your courage and dedication are making a real difference in restoring our nation to its constitutional foundations.

In Liberty,

KrisAnne Hall