KrisAnne teaches, on average, 265 classes in over 22 States every year to people of all walks of life about the the Constitution, our Bill of Rights and what we can do to defend, promote and preserve liberty for generations to come.

The Roots of Liberty

This is KrisAnne’s 5 hour workshop.  In order to preserver Liberty for our posterity, Americans must know that the Constitution was not an invention of our framers and the Bill of Rights was not an afterthought.  Everything contained within our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights is the product of over 700 years of time tested, blood bought experiences that gave us our foundational principles.  KrisAnne will show you where these documents came from, why our framers created a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, how we are operating outside the perimeters of the Constitution and HOW to return to our Roots of Liberty.  Every American should have this training, especially those who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Genealogy of the Constitution

This is KrisAnne’s introductory lesson upon which all other presentations rest. You cannot rightly understand the Constitution without a proper framing of its foundation. In this 1hr presentation KrisAnne presents the 700yr history and 5 foundational charters that gave us our founding documents. You will see the striking parallels between today’s events and the events that illuminated our framers’ understanding. You will go away inspired and hopeful, ready to take up the torch of liberty again!

The Genealogy of the Constitution For Students

This education is for middle school, high school, and college students alike!  This is KrisAnne’s introductory lesson upon which all other presentations rest designed especially for our students. You cannot rightly understand the Constitution without a proper framing of its foundation.  This history is essential to understanding why our framers designed a Constitutional Republic and NOT a Democracy.  We are not teaching this in our schools and there is no curriculum that connects these historical events for our students.  If we do not train our children to understand Liberty, they will never understand their obligation in the future to defend it.  It is time to take back the education of our students and establish some patriots on purpose.

The Founding Mothers

The founding women of our nation carried themselves with dignity and strength; believing with their hearts and souls the value of Liberty was worthy of their families’ sacrifice. These were women of principle, of courage, and of great resolve, willing to sacrifice all so that their children could be free. Many will recognize the men for their contributions, but true history will reveal that the wives of these men were just as important to the battle for freedom.

The Forgotten Patriots

So many gave so much and there were leaders that we don’t know and voices that still go unheard.  In this class we will be reunited with a few essential founders that we have forgotten, or perhaps whom have never even been introduced.  The student will be inspired by these patriots, amazed by their bravery and deeds, and even a bit angry that we have failed to remember and celebrate these essential men and women and their sacrifices.

Foundations of Religious Liberty (For Churches & Groups)

Today Religious Liberty is under assault in America on a scale not seen in over 200 years. The truth is that the expansion of liberty throughout our history has almost always been fought within a religious liberty context. KrisAnne shares the history that gave us the declarations we find in the 1st amendment and shows why a right understanding of these principles is vital to not only keeping religious liberty from being destroyed by its adversaries but also by its misguided advocates. She corrects the misapplication of the principle of “separation of church and state.” This presentation will both equip and challenge you.

Righteous Resistance to Civil Authority (For Churches & Groups)

This lesson is taught by Pastor JC Hall, KrisAnne’s husband, and is an enlightening and challenging Biblical lesson on the obligation of Christians to “Obey God Rather Than Men.”  Today, more than ever, it is important that Christians understand their Biblical duty to stand against tyrannical government for the glory of God.  This is a great lesson for Christians who want to educate other Christians as to why Romans 13 does not teach does not teach passive submission to all authority, but that God requires Christians to take a stand when the laws of men conflict with the higher laws of God.

2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms, the nature and purpose of the militia have been under constant assault for as long as guns and tyrants have existed together. Our founders understood that to keep tyranny from having free reign, the people must be armed. Listen to KrisAnne as she makes plain the meaning and intent of our framers in regard to our natural right to defend life, liberty and property from all enemies foreign and domestic.

America Disarmed

This is a stunning presentation outlining the parallels of one governor disarming one city in 1774 and the current events of the 21st century.  Does history repeat?  You will have no doubts to the answer of that question at the conclusion of this presentation.  You will go away armed with the truth to have the knowledge and courage to stand in defense of this essential Liberty.

Government Exceptions to the 4th Amendment

The language of the 4th Amendment seems clear, so how does the government keep violating the People’s Rights?  If we do not understand what our Rights are and why we have them, we cannot defend them.  In this review of the 4th Amendment, KrisAnne will teach the history that established the firm understanding in the minds of our framers that the People’s Right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.

Article V & Nullification

Two Constitutional and legal remedies.  How do they work?  What are their benefits?  What are their risks?  How do they work together?  This presentation cuts through all the myths, hype, and hysteria.  Nothing but cold hard facts and truth that will help us prepare for the real battle ahead.

State Sovereignty and the Duty of State and Local Representatives

KrisAnne created this lesson at the request of a state legislator in Utah after attending a Genealogy presentation. In this presentation the origin of the Constitution and the Federal government is clearly explained. The unquestionable authority of the people through their states to be the final arbiters of their own liberty is laid out in a way that cannot be denied – unless you simply reject truth! You will see the solution that the framers gave us to keep a lawless federal government in check.

Constitutional Training for Sheriff Deputies And Police Officers

If you don’t know what the Constitution means, how can you keep a promise to support and defend it?  KrisAnne created this lesson after receiving multiple requests from Sheriffs around the country to train their deputies on HOW to keep their oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  This course can be offered in one hour segments or in its full 3 hour presentation.  The 3 hour presentation has been approved in the State of Texas as 4 hours of continued education training.  Contact KrisAnne for the syllabus and to schedule this training for your local Sheriff deputies and police officers.

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