Information is dangerous and those that control it are at war with you. They know that if the truth of their well-laid plans reaches the general public it's game over. This is the Dangerous INFO Podcast, I am Jesse Jaymz.

This week I'm glad to have my co-host Outcast back with me as we discuss the overall goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 program.  A tyrannical system of Technocracy designed to enslave the people of the globe into a scientific dictatorship form of control.

I also read a writing by James Kullander entitled "A Letter to My Vaccinated Friend" which is a really heartbreaking and emotional read, I think you'll like it. Later, Outcast introduces Project Looking Glass to the audience and we will be deep diving into that on a future episode.

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SMART is the acronym that was created by technocrats that have setup the “internet of things” that will eventually enslave humanity to their needs. 

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