Information is dangerous and those that control it are at war with you. They know that if the truth of their well-laid plans reaches the general public it's game over. This is the Dangerous INFO Podcast, I am Jesse Jaymz.

On tonight's show we get into a big mixed bag of current events including Fauci's torture of dogs, gruesome experimentation on New York orphans, the possible nationalization of the airlines, some great emergency preparedness tips and then we jump back into the growing Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 program as I read a futurist letter about Biodigital Convergence in communist Canada.  Are you paying attention?

Top off your favorite cup of coffee or tea and journey down the path with us on this last spooky October episode.

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Biodigital convergence letter:
Canadian sustainable development insanity:
Liam Scheff on NIH Orphan experimentation:

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SMART is the acronym that was created by technocrats that have setup the “internet of things” that will eventually enslave humanity to their needs. 

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