Yvette Bronx is a Bible-believing-Christian wife and mother of six. Her background is in early childhood and maternal health. She was a birth doula and lactation consultant for 20 years. She has been an activist for over thirteen years and ran two organizations, Virginians for Medical Freedom and Liberty and Justice. She was speaking out about the dangers of vaccines and governmental overreach way before 2020. Both, Virginians for Medical Freedom, and Liberty and Justice served to educate the public on truth about vaccine safety, governmental overreach, prepping, holistic medicine and true American History – teaming up with the late Michael Badnarik, and JC and KrisAnne Hall. They organized rallies, walks, protests, speaking events, educational conferences, and the We the People Rally. Yvette and her team have worked alongside many organizations and liberty minded individuals. She has spoken in front of the EPA, Congress, School Boards, Board of Supervisors and was invited to be a guest speaker at the monumental Second Amendment Rally in 2020, after her Second Amendment speech went viral. Yvette teamed up with Jay Shore, ADA expert, during the Scamdemic to help many city workers (mostly fire fighters) fight false mandates. 

Before all of this though, Yvette grew up in NYC and had a career in the music industry working at a legendary hip-hop record label, and in the Latin American department of a very well-known and renowned record company. She worked alongside Grammy award winning producers, writers, and artists. She also helped promote nightclubs and concerts. 

 Yvette is currently in school finishing up a degree in Psychology and Counseling. She retired her organizations in order to dedicate her life to helping others grow closer to God. This is why she is dedicating herself to Biblical Counseling and Life Coaching, where she will not only be a licensed professional, but one with a biblical worldview. 

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