Let's welcome Dr. Laura Sanger back to the show today as she will be presenting us with discussions about spiritual mapping, how moral wickedness leads to territorial strongholds, what role does music frequency play in the seed war and how is the intersection of epigenetics, DNA, sound and language advancing the Nephilim agenda.

Dr. Laura Sanger is a Clinical Psychologist, author of The Roots of the Federal Reserve and small business owner.  Her current focus is awakening people to the spiritual battle at hand and the psychological warfare of the globalist agenda.  Dr. Sanger has been involved in spiritual mapping for the past 25 years. She is passionate about seeing people set free and reaching their full potential. She is eternally grateful that Jesus has set her free from the chains that bound her. With joy, I declare that I am No Longer Enslaved!

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SMART is the acronym that was created by technocrats that have setup the “internet of things” that will eventually enslave humanity to their needs. 

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