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You have to listen to what this embalmer has discovered while attempting to embalm deceased bodies. How did we get so far down the road to global enslavement? The Canadian freedom convoy is holding strong in the face of tyranny as the local police steals their fuel tells them to stop honking. The mainstream media and the White House are now trying to downplay their horrific, progressive decision to hand out $30 million dollars worth of "crack pipes," lmao! As the globalists are currently peddling lies and revisionist history onto our children it is our duty to build and keep the connection of our aging populations to the younger generations.

Show links:
Embalmer discover strange blood clots: https://rumble.com/vtcsgw-worldwide-exclusive-embalmers-find-veins-and-arteries-filled-with-never-bef.html
Bill Gates depopulation: https://www.bitchute.com/video/VdDg4U1ZWa8S/

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SMART is the acronym that was created by technocrats that have setup the “internet of things” that will eventually enslave humanity to their needs. 

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