Welcome to the first episode of June, 2022. Outcast is co-hosting as we discuss the latest gun grabbing attempt by Justin Castro up in Canada and what could result once the freeze takes effect. Today would be a great day to start your preps in food preservation so why not research food dehydrators and up your self reliance game? Fuel prices are out of control by design of the Biden regime and his puppet masters, we discuss it. I've located my grandma's old journals about her life of gardening and living a self sufficient lifestyle so I read a few of her entries from 1965. Outcast is a prolific red pilling machine and I asked him to discuss it with us so we can learn a few helpful take aways.

Mass die off after jabs, The Irish Sentinel: https://theirishsentinel.com/2022/05/24/mass-die-off-close-to-180000-died-within-60-days-of-covid-19-vaccination-england-statistics-office-makes-stunning-admission

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SMART is the acronym that was created by technocrats that have setup the “internet of things” that will eventually enslave humanity to their needs. 

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