Jerry Wayne was thrust into the spotlight after an altercation he had with Presidential candidate Joe Biden. While he was surrounded by his union peers, Jerry went against the grain and questioned Mr. Biden’s threats on taking away “assault rifles”. Jerry’s simple question caused Mr. Biden to show his true colors.

Since then, Jerry has attended political events across Michigan and has been featured on many platforms, including podcasts, radio stations, and news networks. He has used these opportunities to speak up for the average working American. His goal is to continue these efforts, as well as to work diligently to support the Constitution, American made products, and first responders across the United States. 

When asked about what political party he resides with, Jerry answered, “I don’t identify with any political party. My party is America, and that’s where it ends for me. We have never had a political candidate put the Constitution up for debate. It’s time for us to take a stance against tyranny. I stand with freedom and any individual that agrees."

Jerry Wayne has been working diligently to make a stand for American made goods as well as supporting the constitution and first responders across the United States.With the main stream media being the loudest noise in the country, it is time the silent majority spoke up and Jerry Wayne is up for the challenge.

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