What a big show tonight as we welcomed back Based Pastor Eric King and he brought the heat once again with his  message of God's divine appointment for your life.  Things to consider when being confronted about your faith and the roll of apologetics and Recognizing your roll as the bride of Christ. Eric explains what it means to be predestined and pre-appointed into the family of Christ.
Later, we hit a few current events and deliver our takes along with some great nuggets along the way.

Dr. Eric S. King, Teaching Elder at Lakeside Christian Church- Lakeside, California.
To give: www.lakesidechristian.org / give /African Mission Fund
www.thekingdomofgodwithin.org / International Ministries
Joshua Gwinnup youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVQXg7nV_w0

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