Welcome to a big, deep live show tonight as JC Hall returns to go over the 4th Turning book by Neil Howe. It is a theory of moods/attitudes of generations that affect society and history through 4 recurring cycles (turnings). The 4th is the time of crisis rooted in the 4 General stages of a human lifespan. It doesn’t predict the specifics of history, but it points to the likely trends and cycles of history, based on how the predominant generation reacts to events. Are we in the 4th Turning now? We will also discuss the origins of Hollywood's Titans and those early days when Hollywood Land was created. Phone lines will be open in the 2nd half so we can take your calls.

Husband to attorney KrisAnne Hall, JC Hall is a former Russian linguist and military language instructor for the United States Navy.  He worked at the National Security Agency and taught Russian as a Military Language Instructor at the prestigious Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California and has researched Soviet & Communist history for 3 decades.

JC studied psychology at the  University of Florida and has served as teacher and administrator in Christian schools and pastored for over 10 years, in North Florida.  He spent 4 years in Christian missions to Haiti.  JC Hall is now a faculty member at River University’s River School of Government.

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