Mission to Ile A Vache, Haiti


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About Pastor JC Hall and IEM

I.E.M was established in Haiti in August of 1987 by missionaries Rev. Raymond L. & Kathy Bideaux. IEM uses sailboats to carry supplies and the Gospel to Haiti. The tiny island of Ile A Vache lies about 7 miles off the southern coast of Haiti and is a place of great need. In the village of Sou Lettre <sue let> villagers need water, need food, needs clothe. They need Jesus and they need your help.

In the village of Sou Lettre, IEM is attempting to build a church building. The church will not only serve to spread the gospel but will be a water collection and distribution site for the 200 families in Sou Lettre. The building will also serve as a school for the many precious children and provide a sheltering place for the villagers during storms.

Pastor Raymond Bideaux (left) has labored in Haiti for nearly 3 decades establishing churches and sharing the gospel and has seen God raise up local shepherds. Our local Pastor, Pastor SaintVil (right) is shepherding the village of Sou Lettre today and has church in a stick structure surrounded by palm branches and covered with an old canvas tarp, yet hundreds still come to hear the gospel.

Pastor JC Hall has joined the IEM team for its mission to Ile A Vache and Sou Lettre. He is currently focussing on fundraising for the team. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for our projects on Ile A Vache, Haiti. Additionally, we are looking for 30 supporters to commit $30 each month to support Pastor JC Hall’s work with the IEM team in Haiti; The 30-30 Support Team. You can help by praying for this ministry. You can also make a donation here or become a member of the 30-30 support team. Or you can do all three.  Additionally, Pastor Bideaux needs monthly supporters as well.  Go to Islander Evangelisitc Ministries to support Pastor Bideaux or to support the team as a whole. We are believing God for an outpouring of His Spirit in America and on the Island of Ile A Vache.