Government is Your Plunderer

Our debt stands at 17 trillion. Which only proves that government is not your provider it is your plunderer! The 17 trillion figure doesn’t even consider the unfunded liabilities. Liabilities which we are obligated to honor but currently have not been funded. When you consider the unfunded liabilities the 17 trillion is more like 200 trillion. Does that figure boggle your mind as much as it does mine.  King Barry recently said in a speech at the University of New  York that the government will run out of money, meaning more and more costs will be shouldered by students and their families.  Now this may offend one or two of you, but the reality is that the costs should be shouldered by students and their families.  This is where the costs are supposed to be. Government is not your provider! They are your plunderer because since the government source of money is the people, if the government runs out of money that means that the people have run out of money! Which begs the larger question. Whose money do they think they’re spending?