Our House of Representatives Have Gone Insane!

House GOP leaders have scheduled a Tuesday October 29, 2013 vote on a resolution that disapproves of President Obama’s decision to suspend the debt ceiling until February 7.
Are you KIDDING ME!!! … I warned that this Continuing Resolution would not be the last of this crisis! But the GOP passed a CR that gave Obama that unilateral power to raise the debt ceiling…
NOW they are CRYING because he ACTUALLY DID IT!
AREN’T YOU SICK OF THIS MESS? Let’s do something that will be really annoying to them. Are you up for it?
COME ON, LETS GET ACTIVE!!! Here is what we need to do.
I have written an article that gives the solutions to this mess and will end this insanity once and for all called “What if There is Another Shutdown?”
1. TWEET this article. You can just copy paste one of these TWEETS in your twitter account:

#StopDebtInsanity! NO more CR! SOLUTNS not CRISIS: http://bit.ly/1fYJREz #Congress take back your power. @johnboehner @repjustinamash #GOP
Hey #GOP got #POTUS debt ceiling woes? SOLUTNS not CRISIS! http://bit.ly/1fYJREz #stopdebtinsanity @johnboehner @repjustinamash @GOPLeader

2. SHARE this FB post on your favorite House Rep’s FB page!
3. Copy and Paste this into an Email and/or FAX to your House Rep 3 times today, 3 times tomorrow, or MORE if you feel particularly mischievous:
Dear Congressman,
We are NOT amused by this pending vote on Tuesday to stop the President from raising the debt ceiling. If YOU had done your job like the Constitution demands and secured the powers reserved to the House, there would be no need for a vote and we would have a budget.
Why don’t you do your job they way its supposed to be done and stop selling our children into a debt that will turn them into federal slaves.
Not sure what to do? Here a directive from your employers; We The People:
I suggest you read and follow these directions. There will be a test on election day. Will you pass?
KrisAnne Hall
Patriots! We are either going to keep complaining are we are going to start DOING!
This is soooo easy. Just copy and paste and SHARE.