Remember Sheriff Nick Finch

To start with I want to encourage everyone to remember Sheriff Nick Finch who was indefinitely suspended him without pay for standing up for the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. Furthermore he allowed a wicked state attorney to bring false charges and persecute him! Interestingly in a local online newspaper in Tallahassee asked the question; “Should Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch be facing trial on charges of official misconduct and falsifying public records?” In the poll there were two choices.  You could respond by agreeing that the justice system should be allowed to work, or you could select; no he is being persecuted. Over 70% of respondents say he is being persecuted. Let me also remind you that Governor Rick Scott could if he wanted, at least reinstate the Sheriff’s pay. But he has so far refused to do so. And let me also remind you that we had a police officer in central Florida sexually assault a woman on the side of the rode in the name of search of her body for drugs and he was suspended with pay! And there’s more.