Government Unconstitutionality Pt.3

Today’s lesson is about our founders warning on foreign influence. But I want to clean house to start with. We have a sheriff in Florida who is very constitutionally minded. His name is Sheriff Finch and Florida’s governor Rick Scott removed Sheriff Finch from office without pay because he refused to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws and now he and his attack dog state attorney Willie Meggs is prosecuting him because he used whiteout to remove the persons name from an arrest log. Willie Meggs also called the defendants attorney threatened him saying we are at war! Now, recently the Tallahassee P.D. arrested a 44 year old woman on a DUI charge and then proceeded to slam her head into the back of a police vehicle smashing and breaking her face. Now his highness, state attorney Willie Meggs says “I am extremely upset, it is very disturbing situation to me and I am dealing with it.” How? The officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. Moral of story! You can uphold the Constitution, get arrested and suspended without pay, but you can break a woman’s face and get what amounts to a paid vacation. Are  you kidding me? Enough of rant… on to the next lesson on foreign influence.