Watch the Roaches Scatter

The corruption in Florida is coming into light and when the lights come on the roaches will scatter. Governor Rick Scott’s general counsel was recently given evidence that the whole affair with Sheriff Rick Finch is entirely a hoax and made up. But Rick Scott’s general counsel just blew it all off. Why? Because he has a 30 year tie to the corrupt prosecutor going against Sheriff Finch.  So Mr. Meggs as a former prosecutor I am offended and ashamed of your behavior. It is not the job of prosecutor to call up a defendants attorney and claim that you are going to war. That very statement Mr.  Meg gs proves that you have completely lost your professional bearing and it is time to resign. No apparently Mr. Meggs has been this way for quite some time but he has kept it in the dark – but it’s in the light now Mr. Meggs and let me say that you are an overgrown school yard bully and you are bullying the wrong people this time. Are you prepared?