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Nicholas Finch Acquitted

Yesterday, Liberty County Sheriff Nicholas Finch was acquitted by a jury of his peers and with today being Open Line Friday we take a call from someone who was actually at the trial. So we’re going to take out some time today to find out a few things about the trial and I’m going to share it all with you. So don’t miss this episode.

Remember Sheriff Nick Finch

To start with I want to encourage everyone to remember Sheriff Nick Finch who was indefinitely suspended him without pay for standing up for the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. Furthermore he allowed a wicked state attorney to bring false charges and persecute him! Interestingly in a local online newspaper in Tallahassee asked the question; “Should Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch be facing trial on charges of official misconduct and falsifying public records?” In the poll there were two choices.  You could respond by agreeing that the justice system should be allowed to work, or you could select; no he is being persecuted. Over 70% of respondents say he is being persecuted. Let me also remind you that Governor Rick Scott could if he wanted, at least reinstate the Sheriff’s pay. But he has so far refused to do so. And let me also remind you that we had a police officer in central Florida sexually assault a woman on the side of the rode in the name of search of her body for drugs and he was suspended with pay! And there’s more.

Stand for Nicholas Finch

Today is open line Friday and the day starts off with a call to action to get out to the weekend rally in support of Liberty, County Sheriff Nicholas Finch. Sheriff Finch choose to boldly go where few government officials refuse to go when he stood up for the 2nd Amendment. Government corruption is dirtying up the house in Tallahassee and I encourage everyone, not just Florida residents to visit their state house. Sit down with your representative and let them know what’s on your mind. Most likely they’ll kiss up to you, but it will be business as usual as soon as you walk out the door. We have to clean up our own houses, because if we can’t clean our own state houses first, we have no business complaining about the federal government. I’m just saying and I’m just getting started. Click the play button for the whole broadcast.

Government Unconstitutionality Pt.3

Today’s lesson is about our founders warning on foreign influence. But I want to clean house to start with. We have a sheriff in Florida who is very constitutionally minded. His name is Sheriff Finch and Florida’s governor Rick Scott removed Sheriff Finch from office without pay because he refused to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws and now he and his attack dog state attorney Willie Meggs is prosecuting him because he used whiteout to remove the persons name from an arrest log. Willie Meggs also called the defendants attorney threatened him saying we are at war! Now, recently the Tallahassee P.D. arrested a 44 year old woman on a DUI charge and then proceeded to slam her head into the back of a police vehicle smashing and breaking her face. Now his highness, state attorney Willie Meggs says “I am extremely upset, it is very disturbing situation to me and I am dealing with it.” How? The officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. Moral of story! You can uphold the Constitution, get arrested and suspended without pay, but you can break a woman’s face and get what amounts to a paid vacation. Are  you kidding me? Enough of rant…..now on to the next lesson on foreign influence.

Watch the Roaches Scatter

The corruption in Florida is coming into light and when the lights come on the roaches will scatter. Governor Rick Scott’s general counsel was recently given evidence that the whole affair with Sheriff Rick Finch is entirely a hoax and made up. But Rick Scott’s general counsel just blew it all off. Why? Because he has a 30 year tie to the corrupt prosecutor going against Sheriff Finch.  So Mr. Meggs as a former prosecutor I am offended and ashamed of your behavior. It is not the job of prosecutor to call up a defendants attorney and claim that you are going to war. That very statement Mr.  Meg gs proves that you have completely lost your professional bearing and it is time to resign. No apparently Mr. Meggs has been this way for quite some time but he has kept it in the dark – but it’s in the light now Mr. Meggs and let me say that you are an overgrown school yard bully and you are bullying the wrong people this time. Are you prepared?

FL Sheriff Arrested by Governor Scott For Defending Right to Bear Arms

This week Liberty County Florida Sheriff, Nick Finch was arrested by Governor Rick Scott for standing in defense of the Constitution and honoring his oath of office.  Sheriff Finch believes the Second Amendment means what it says, our Right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.  What Sheriff Finch did was well within his authority and in full compliance with the rules and regulations for records retention and destruction.  What Sheriff Finch did was stand in the gap where the government is trying to erode your Liberty.

Sheriff Finch made the decision to not pursue a charge against Floyd Parish; well within the authority of the Sheriff to do.  Upon making that decision, Sheriff Finch removed Parish’s file from the records and removed his name from the jail log.  Well within his authority; The General Records Schedule for Law Enforcement, Correctional Facilities, and District Medical Examiners outlines this authority.


This record series documents each adult and juvenile arrested. The records provide such information as complete name; alias or nickname; residence; sex; age; date of birth; place of birth; height; weight; color of hair; color of eyes; complexion; race; date of arrest and/or offense; offense committed; car make, year, license number, and state; occupation; habits; name of closest relative or friends; scars, marks, or tattoos; any abnormalities; and special remarks. The juvenile records may also include parent(s) or guardian’s name(s), telephone number(s), and occupation(s). If the arrest results in an investigation, the record should be filed with the applicable Criminal Investigative Records item. See also “CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE RECORDS” items, “CRIMINAL HISTORY SUMMARY RECORDS/RAP SHEETS,” and “MASTER NAME INDEXES.”


a) Record copy. Retain until obsolete, superseded, or administrative value is lost.

b) Duplicates. Retain until obsolete, superseded, or administrative value is lost.

You see, when Sheriff Finch used his proper authority to not pursue charges against Mr. Parish, the records pertaining to his arrest lost their “administrative value.”  Sheriff Finch, by this Florida Regulation was within his authority to destroy this record.

The arrest affidavit of Sheriff Finch gives a pretty detailed account of what took place.  But the arrest affidavit NEVER mentions Parish being booked into custody.  Being placed in a jail cell is not being booked.  If the arrest affidavit is accurate, and we have to trust it to be as it was given under oath, then Parish was never booked so the log that contained his name was in error and the Sheriff’s office also had full authority to white out his name and make space for someone who was actually booked into the jail.

Sheriff Finch never broke a law and never even violated a regulation.  So what is he being accused of doing?

The arrest affidavit claims Sheriff Finch violated Florida Statute 838.022(1).  This statute reads:

F.S.838.022 (1): It is unlawful for a public servant, with corrupt intent to obtain a benefit for any person or to cause harm to another, to: (b): Conceal, cover up, destroy, mutilate, or alter any official record or official document or cause another person to perform such an act;

Is Governor Scott trying to tell us that when Sheriff Finch defended our Constitutionally protected Rights he was acting with “corrupt intent?”  Have we really come to the point in our country where honoring your oath to “support and defend the Constitution” and wanting to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity” is a crime of corrupt intent?

Is Governor Scott trying to tell us that when Sheriff Finch stood in defense of our Constitutionally protected Rights he was conferring upon Mr. Parish a “benefit.”  The Second Amendment is NOT a benefit it is a RIGHT and the last time I checked it was called a Bill of Rights not a Bill of Benefits.

Do you think Sheriff Finch should just have shut up and enforced the law even knowing it is unconstitutional?  I hope not.  He took oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States FIRST; not an oath to support and defend unconstitutional laws.  If you believe officers should simply enforce all the laws, regardless of their oath, then why in the world do they even take one?  Is it just a pleasant formality that looks good in a ceremony or does it actually mean something?  It is a man of honor who will stand for his word, even when it might be unpopular, even when it might hurt.  Sheriff Finch appears to be a man of such honor.  By the way, I can remember an incident in our recent history, where a Sheriff should have stood for what was right and what was constitutional.  Instead the Sheriff chose to simply enforce the law.  On that day, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to sit in the back of the bus.

The Second Amendment clearly states our Right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!  Sheriff Finch believes in the Constitution.  He believes in his oath.

Sheriff Finch did nothing wrong.  He defended the Constitution.  He stood in the gap for us.  Now he’s being prosecuted for that.  It’s time to stand in the gap for him.  When our Sheriffs are toppled, then we are the last line of defense.

Watch the Sherrif Finch video explanation of this analysis

Criminals vs Contitutionalists

In Lakeland, Florida an officer of the law, pulls over a young woman for a broken taillight. In the process discovers her license had been suspended (which is not a criminal offense in Florida).  The officer has her empty her pockets and twice tells her to pull of her shirts, pull her undergarments away from her body and has her shake her body to see if she is in possession of drugs. Then at the end of the ordeal tells the young lady, “I’m done scaring you and now you can go home!” What happened to his officer  you ask? Unbelieveably he was suspended for 4 days and now he’s  back on the job. Now compare this with Sheriff Finch who refused to charge someone for carrying a concealed a firearm without a permit because he believed it was not constitutional. He stood up for the Constitution in the exercise of his duty and he was arrested by Governor Rick Scott. Now compare that to the Lakeland, Florida the officer who for all intent and purposes sexually assaulted a woman who gets suspended for four days without pay. Are you kidding me?

Stand for Sheriff Finch or Else

Sheriff Finch was arrested by (fake conservative) Governor Rick Scott for standing up for the Constitution and I am here to tell you today that we all need to stand with and stand up for Sheriff Finch. Because if we do not stand up for Sheriff Finch how can we expect any other Sheriff to stand for us? To stand for liberty? Sheriff Finch is a patriot and as a fellow patriot we all must stand with and for each other.