A Home Schooling Mother

We love using KrisAnne Hall’s broadcast in our home schooling. We have covered the portions of the Constitution and the first 14 Amendments for our 6th grader. Whenever something comes up in the news that regards the Constitution, we go look it up on www.KrisAnneHall.com and together we are all learning.

Everyone should tune in because she has the knowledge and tells you exactly what is going on, the process that resulted in that being put into the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Amendments. We love KrisAnne.

Kathie Kerner

“Eye Opening “Never before has a (constitutional class) made such an impact on me as this one. It brought to light just how gullible and in the dark we are about our country. Our elected officials get away with this because of our ignorance. It has made sense in so many ways…opened my eyes. This (education) has really and truly made a difference.”. Kathie Kerner

Brianna Cowan

“I am currently enrolled in Liberty First University and I have thoroughly enjoying becoming more acquainted with our history. Dynamic and enlightening material is taught! Thank you KrisAnne Hall for your vision! From Brianna Cowan, Las Cruces, NM

Mel Henschel

“I couldn’t wait to start my courses and have completed all that are currently available. They are sooo packed with information and presented so professionally and passionately. I feel the lessons so far exceed anything one might find in any university course including those of Hillsdale. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone in their study of the Constitution. Thank you Kris Anne for making this available.

Mel Henschel