It’s Time to Recognize the Elite’s Excellent Leadership

It’s time we recognize and accept who is really in charge. It’s about time we get on board with the current ‘leadership’ and I can’t think of a better time than NOW to do it.
Our betters have demonstrated through their actions that they know what’s best, they have identified which laws are ‘must follow’ laws and which laws are optional. Too long has their example been ignored by we, the great unwashed.And kudos to Governors Abbot and DeSantis for also accepting the Communists’ proper leadership and example.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, Governor Abbot took his cue from President Brandon and began shipping illegals present within Texas’ borders into the interior of the country; an act that was exactly what the Brandon regime had been doing for months if not his entire ‘presidency.’
I applaud Governor Abbot in recognizing the wisdom of simply accepting that the unlawful entry into the country should not only be ignored, but facilitated and expanded with free plane tickets to every corner of our fruited plains. By Governor Abbott’s actions, now we truly are ‘all in this together.’

Not to be outdone in seeking the favor of President Brandon, America’s Governor, Governor DeSantis followed suit and similarly began shipping sanctuary seekers directly to self – declared sanctuary cities of NYC and Martha’s Vineyard. It seems that Governors Abbot and DeSantis have decided to take the Goose/Gander theory and put it into action.Surely, now, boons and laurels from the Capitol must begin to shower upon our once recalcitrant governors!

Now, the Hidey/Hoe administration should be ecstatic that two of the most conservative (and popular) leaders in the country have gotten onboard the Communist Reset Train by employing the exact same resettlement plan that was instituted at the federal level.But I wonder, have we missed previous opportunities? Have we misinterpreted brave leadership by the Communists within our country for simple rank hypocrisy?Consider just a few short years ago when Speaker Pelosi demonstrated her brave leadership when, by her actions, she summarily declared the pandemic over and all masking and business closures were hereby cancelled and rescinded.What? You don’t remember that? If you don’t remember, that’s understandable since it was inexplicably buried by the fringe media (NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC). So, let me remind you of what happened.Two years ago, almost to the day on September 7, 2020, after our beneficent ‘leaders’ (and certainly not per se criminals, at all) decided to halt the engine of the world, Nancy Pelosi decided that this was not necessary at all! 
In order to rescind this lockdown, she made a ‘public’ and brave demonstration of the safety of walking around maskless and ignoring her own proclamations by making a special hair appointment with a salon that was shuttered by the knee-jerk (but now, I see, fully reasonable) mandates to close down. This decision was bravery in action and I was humbled and proud in that moment to be an American. Hero, thy name is Nancy.
But! Our conservative leaders failed us in that moment!
Instead of following Pelosi’s lead, instead of following her brave leadership by opening all businesses, conservative leaders across the nation were ‘stuck on stupid’ (h/t General Schwarzkopf) and continued as if the Speaker had NOT just declared the mandates unnecessary!WOE to the masses suffering under such blind conservative leadership!

All caught up? Great.

Recently, the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis decided to help Sanctuary Cities ‘live their truth’ by transporting approximately 50 ‘sanctuary seekers’ directly to Martha’s Vineyard and the personal homes of the Federal Empire’s royal courtiers.But it now appears that perhaps Governor DeSantis may have mis-stepped or misinterpreted the intent of our betters. Instead of the self-declared Sanctuary City of Martha’s Vineyard welcoming these huddled masses yearning for a free Obama phone, the city ‘deported’ these pawns in the space of 48 hours.

(I’m still struggling with understanding when the term of art changes from ‘transported’ and ‘evicted’ to ‘trafficked’)

And, coincidence of coincidences, it appears that the residents of Martha’s Vineyard took their cue from another Democrat, President Roosevelt, when they ripped these people from the welcoming bosom or their tiny island and moved these undocumented workers (or as one Martha’s Vineyard resident put it, “garbage”) under military escort to an internment camp on a military base on Cape Cod. No word yet if American citizens of Japanese descent were also present. So, yet again, we have been provided not only permission to forcibly remove people inside the country, but we also have an example to follow, provided to us by those brave Americans on Martha’s Vineyard.Governors Abbot, DeSantis and other leaders now have direct and implicit permission to leverage military force to protect our borders, and we have the Brandon regime and its sycophants to thank for this glorious example. Who knew there was such an America First sentiment in the deepest Blue enclaves of our country?Will the conservative Governors of our great nation now take Massachusetts’ example to heart and do what the Martha’s Vintners have already determined MUST be done? The American Revolution was born in Massachusetts and it appears history is repeating itself. The Martha’s Vintners are leading the way on not only the importance of legal immigration but also how to deal with illegal immigration.If anyone reading this essay has the opportunity, I call on you to present this piece to our leaders as evidence that
We the People DEMAND that they follow the example of the fine people of Massachusetts and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s Go Brandon! 

R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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