DC Deep State – Deeper Than You Imagine

After personally experiencing the sights and sounds of Washington DC this week, we have much evidence that the Deep State goes much deeper than you can even imagine. Listen and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Be Thankful for Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch is proving himself to be a very constitutionally consistent justice. Listen to how he is defending our right to property!

Things Google Won’t Tel You About Independence

Today is Independence Day. Find out what Google is and is not saying about the most important day in America’s History. Seek Truth.

Judicial Nominations

On the KrisAnne Hall Show Daily Journal KrisAnne & JC discuss what a constitutional nomination for supreme Court would have to sound like.

Red Pill Expo Part 2

Amazing interviews with: Gun Owners of America Founder Larry Pratt The amazing Liberty superstar Jordon Page Brilliantly talented Actor/Poet/Comedian Benny Wills Legal Defenders of Private Property Rights Cavalry Group, Mindy Patterson Champion against Agenda 21, Tom DeWeese Financial & Real Estate Wizard, Russel Gray Absolutely something for EVERYONE!

Red Pill Expo Part 1

Today we have a show dedicated to the awakening! Meet many of the amazing speakers from the Red Pill Expo in Spokane, Washington.

Destruction by degrees

There is a big fight going on in the Senate over your Rights. Have you heard? The Supreme Court has voted against the Constitution. Do you know how? Is Florida Confiscating guns without Due Process? All this will be clear after you hear The KrisAnne Hall Show