Exclusive: Secret Group Helping Obama Destroy the Constitution

On March 2, 2012 I gave a legal analysis of HR347/S1794 (which included some links to frightening government abuses) and how it unquestionably violates the First Amendment.  Upon hearing numerous reports the following week, I realized that the people are not getting the whole truth.

For those who have not read my blog, please do so, but here is a brief summary.  HR 347 and S 1794, the ‘‘Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011” has nothing to do with improving landscaping around federal buildings.  This bill is being presented as a No Trespassing bill.  Reasonable people understand that restrictions and protections are needed for government officials and government functions.  However, this legislation makes it a federal crime to simply DISRUPT the ORDERLY CONDUCT of government.  The violator doesn’t have to be on the grounds where the government business is being conducted, just within the vicinity of the so-called business. The law is not limited to buildings or locations as the title suggests, but seems to be “roving” and follows persons protected by Secret Service wherever they go. The language could be interpreted to refer to an official who is eligible for Secret Service protection and not protected by them at the moment of the alleged violation.  How long before we hear the argument that federal officials are “protected” by secret service even if secret service is not present at the time? The bottom line is: Your First Amendment right to peaceably assemble – is now a federal crime.

In one particular report on this bill, Fox News focuses the blame almost entirely on the President.  The report even leads off with the headline, “Suppressing Free Speech? President Signs Anti-protest Bill.”  The report includes an interview with Judge Napolitano where he gives a brief review of the potential impact of this bill.  The entire focus is again on Obama’s signing of this bill and what he will do with it.  The fact is that there is a group of individuals that played a much more significant role in this and it is becoming one of the greatest cover-ups going on today.  I will now do what no one else seems to have the guts to do.  I will tell you their names.  Are you ready?

A quick look at the roll call for this bill will show you that only 3 Republicans in the House voted against this Constitutional atrocity: Ron Paul (R-Tx), Paul Broun (R-Ga), and Justin Amish (R-Mi).  That means that every other “conservative” House member that thought it important enough to show up and vote, voted for this bill and against the Constitution.  Who was your “Tea Party” favorite in 2010?  Who did you elect on the promise to uphold the Constitution and Constitutional Principles?  Was it perhaps Allen West, Michele Bachmann, Jeff Landry, or Joe Walsh? “I am a patriot,” they say.  Yet, how did they vote when the Constitution was on the line?

What about the Senate?   You don’t have to work hard to decipher the roll call for S1794 because the vote in favor of putting government over the Constitution was UNANIMOUS!  Again, who was your “Tea Party” favorite in Senate?  Perhaps Jim Demint, Jerry Moran, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson or, dare I say it, Marco Rubio?

How will they answer when you question them on this?  Will you hear, “security over liberty” arguments?  Will they tell you that the threat against our representatives deserves greater consideration than our Constitutionally protected rights?

One vote is no big deal right?  Maybe, but some votes are not inconsequential when they destroy the very safeguards of Liberty.  But it is not one vote; there is a pattern forming here.

Look at the roll call for HR 1540, The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.  This is the bill that authorizes indefinite detention of US Citizens and repealed the law against bestiality in the military.  Do not believe the lies from Congress, this bill does authorize indefinite detention and if you still don’t understand it, watch this legal analysis video, it will help you.  It is a direct assault on our rights protected in the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments.

In the roll call for the Constitution-shredding bill HR 1540, we find some familiar names:   Allen West, Jeff Landry, and Joe Walsh among other “Tea Party” favorites.  You see only 43 “conservatives” voted against this bill and for the Constitution.  But what about the Senate side?  Did your “Tea Party” favorite vote to indefinitely detain US Citizens?  It is quite likely, because only 3 Senators knew enough about the Constitution to vote against giving the President that kind of power.   That means once again Jim Demint, Jerry Moran, Ron Johnson and, dare I say it, Marco Rubio voted against the Constitution!

What about the debt ceiling vote?  Who were the “Tea Party” members in the house that voted to send our children into financial slavery?  Ooops, there we have those names again… and guess who is 3 for 3? Allen West.

And finally, what about the Patriot Act?  You know that act that gives the federal government the authority to seize property, records, and even people without a warrant that complies with the 4th Amendment and then hold them in violation of the 5th Amendment?  Whose names will we find on that roll call?  Allen West, Michele Bachmann, Jeff Landry, and Joe Walsh, among others.   When the House voted again on this bill, only one member from this list changed his vote, Allen West.  What about the Senate side?  Only Rand Paul and Mike Lee voted against this bill and for the Citizens of America.  Yes, you guessed it, that means that Jim Demint, Jerry Moran, Ron Johnson and, dare I say it, Marco Rubio are all in favor of defeating the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution.

To summarize, we have seen direct attacks on our Constitution perpetrated NOT by Obama alone, but aided and abetted by our Congress.  HR 347/S1794 is a direct assault on our First Amendment. Sections 1021 and 1022 are violent attacks on our 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments.  And the Patriot Act, the beginning of it all, shreds our right to be secure in our persons, property, and papers, all in the name of security.  What security would that be, by the way?  The security of knowing that the President is devising secret law and secret legal interpretations of these laws to create further Constitutional abuses as uncovered in the letter to Eric Holder from Senators Wyden and Udall!

This battering of our Constitutionally protected rights does not rest on the shoulders of the progressives; nor, does the responsibility belong to one man.  The destruction of our Constitution rests firmly on the heads of the men and women in Congress – “R” AND “D” – Senate AND HOUSE!

Those we trusted with the Liberty of our children have betrayed us on the highest level.  Which one of these men and women do you want to be president or vice president?  Which one of these men and women do you want in charge of being the guardian of Liberty for your children?  When we elected them, they were given fair warning that they MUST PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION. They accepted that charge and THEY HAVE FAILED miserably.  Are YOU willing to stand by your word and make these traitors unemployed?  Are you willing to make the sacrifice necessary to preserve the blessings of Liberty for our posterity?  Look at these roll calls.  Find out who voted Against the Constitution and DO NOT SUPPORT THEM.

Let me remind you: These are not the principles our founders died for!  These are not the principles for which Crispus Attacks was shot in the streets, or for which Richard Stockton was tortured, or for which Thomas Nelson Jr. destroyed his own home.  These are not the principles about which Phyllis Wheatley or Mercy Otis Warren wrote.  These are not the principles for which Washington’s men left bloody footprints in the snow!  This despicable, spineless group of egotists in OUR government is a disgrace to the legacy of Liberty!  They must all be dismissed at the earliest opportunity!

Our founders would have never allowed the government’s desire for orderly function to outweigh the right of the people to speak, assemble, or air their grievances!

  • Use your voice while you still have it!  Build your influence while you still can!
  • We must continue to rally the forces of Liberty!
  • We must continue to stand against corruption!
  • We must continue to expose the spineless and the hypocrite!
  • We must inform the ignorant and fire the incompetent!
  • We must not retreat, we must not surrender!  Liberty is worth the fight!