Of Labor Unions and Political Parties – The Demise

Labor unions rose to prominence in the US in the early 20th century and, while my history is superficial at best, the conventional wisdom (as taught to us by our government indoctrination centers) holds that mean, greedy capitalists exploited the workers for so long and to such a point that workers banded together in ‘unions’ to negotiate collectively as one unit for better working conditions and wages. 

Fast forward 150 years and where do we find ourselves? Labor union membership rolls are at an historic low. But why? Over time, we would have expected Labor Unions to only grow in power but the opposite has happened. How did this happen?

Well, one could identify any number of causes for this (and I’m sure they exist and have been enumerated elsewhere), but I’d like to lay the credit at the feet of the interconnectedness of the Internet Age. I propose that this social connection has been a significant contributing factor in balancing the labor/capital equation without the need for union thugs and strikes.  And, no, I don’t mean to say that posting on Facebook has led to a workers’ paradise. 

Instead, I am saying that it has been the technology and the way our civilizationn uses it that has allowed information to flow much easier and faster than ever before. This flow of information has served to unite the American people in ways we, and the Labor Unions, never expected. It turns out that EVERYBODY, Democrats and Republicans alike, enjoy watching cute puppy videos and men getting kicked in the balls. Who knew?

But in addition to us laughing at the same viral videos as we surf YouTube, this free flow of information also appears to have bolstered the very compromised and controlled ‘free market’ of capital and labor that government intervention has perverted for special needs, carve outs and tax breaks.  Stated another way, it appears that information has filled the gap that true supply/demand would have satisfied naturally to balance the economic equation. This has allowed workers and capitalists alike to ‘work around’ the huge thumb that special interest has placed on the scales of the free market.

Similar to the death of Unions, another system that is similarly falling apart is the political party system. People are now seeing that the American political dualopoly that we have known for so long has morphed into a monopoly of political action and aim; some call it “The Uniparty.” This monolithic political force, dominated by octegenarian criminal dynasties, no longer serve the greater good and quite possibly never did. While this realization may have come in fits and starts over the last few decades, We the people (D’s and R’s) are now reminded on a daily basis that we are political orphans left to fend for ourselves with few resources and zero political representation.

But all is not lost!

Is it possible that allegiance to a Political Party has come to the end of its usefulness just as Labor Union membership evaporated over the last decade?

I posit that it is becoming more and more obvious that political unions (aka ‘parties’) are in danger of the same obsolescence that labor unions are experienced. And what is fostering this obsolescence? The rise of the Information Age and the free flow of information.

We now live in a time where the half-life of a ‘narrative’ (aka ‘lie’) is now measured in hours where before a lie told for political expediency and control could live for decades. There was never such a thing as a fact checker until the Information Age and the danger it posed to the narrative crafters who rule over us.

And because of this free flow of facts, counter-facts and cat videos, we are also able to associate with people who share our values. We can now define those values and interests to a level of specificity that has never been seen before.

Political parties were intended to be ‘big tents’ that brought together many disparate viewpoints in the hopes of cobbling together a majority. But now we are no longer required to hold our nose and lay in bed with constituents and special interests that do not share our values. This is hugely powerful!

And what are we discovering as this occurs? That those special interests WERE NEVER much of a majority within the ‘big tent’ after all. We were.

So take heart, the days of the dualopolistic political party game we have endured for so long is on its way out and will suffer the same fate as the thuggish labor unions.

And just for good measure, we are abandoning unions and political parties who do not share our values for the same reason we are abanodoning businesses that have betrayed their customers; they have demonstrated that they see us only as cows to be milked for our financial resources.

This is why I created the BreathEasy app: to assist Woke businesses on their journey to Broke.

Download the BreathEasy app today and vote DOWN woke businesses who hate us and vote UP patriot businesses who share our values! Every vote you make is the start of a boycott or buycott. It’s time to start creating the economy we’ve always wanted.


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy