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Build Ye an Ark

So, the Supreme Court has decided to put Donald Trump back on the ballot. Cue the gasps and groans from the apparatchiks of the Cabal. In fact, their predictability is […]

Excuse Me, Sir!

What ever happened to the maxim, Live and Let Live?  If our experience during the lock downs was any indicator, evil’s mask is now fully ripped off (pardon the pun) […]

Thank Who?

Anyone who begins their statement with, “As a…” should be automatically dismissed as a self-important nobody, desperately trying to be relevant by speaking from a position of imagined authority.  The […]

A Sea Change in Stumptown?

To a typical Portlander, if the destructive results of Liberal dogma remained in the city center, the virtue-signaling voters felt safe in their hip neighborhoods surrounding the city. But a funny thing happened on the way to Marxist Utopia: the drug addicts, homeless camps, needles, fires and Antifa foot soldiers didn’t stay in the city. The Liberal cancer has now metastasized and spread outside of the ‘no judgment zone’ of the city; it is now encroaching on liberal families just trying to make a living. Homeless camps are now popping up in quiet, ‘nice’ neighborhoods of real taxpayers who depend on property values to climb. What’s a liberal to do?