The Criminal Enterprise and Conflict of Interest

With everything going on in the world, both seen and unseen, there is no shortage of topics.

Today, I choose to write about the Student Loan Forgiveness Question and merely offer an alternative to the conventional wisdom prevailing today.


Over these last several years that we have endured together, we all have been ruthlessly educated on the state of our country and, more specifically, the state and true nature of our government. Many are coming to the conclusion, much as I have, that our government organs and officials have failed to help us because they are merely corrupt or merely incompetent.  If it were just that, I think we could get our heads around the problem and take steps to correct or minimize the it.

No, we are discovering that the governments of the world are, in fact, actual criminal enterprises masquerading as legitimate governments. And this will be the hardest pill to swallow for many; that simply voting harder will not solve our crisis.

Instead, we are realizing that the entire infrastructure of governance, worldwide (with few exceptions) is organized to institute greater and greater control over the population of the Earth in a one-way ratchet. Stated another way, world governments’ overarching goal is not to govern, it is to diminish human freedom as much as possible, plain and simple.

Conventional wisdom states that, by their very nature, people crave power over others. They tell us that this is why we are seeing what we are seeing and enduring what we are enduring.  While the foundation is correct (people crave power over others), the result is incorrect.  If conventional wisdom were correct, then every politician on the planet would be following President Trump’s model. But they aren’t.

I am absolutely certain that the American people would elect President Trump to 50 terms in office if they could, so loved is this man by the world.

Instead, we are confronted daily by insults to our intelligence and our God-given liberties as Humans by the same criminal enterprise that has been in power for decades (if not centuries). So, no. Our enemies desire more than just power; they desire hegemony over every man, woman (what’s that?), and child on the planet.

Because of this, it follows that every single action that that power structure takes can only be in furtherance of that goal. There will never be any glimmers of conscience or guilt by our rulers that might spark a desire to throw us a few crumbs or lessen the pressure just a little bit of their boot upon our neck. The ratchet only turns in one direction.

With this in mind then, how are we to assess the current Student Loan forgiveness question? I think it is obvious to anyone with half a mind that the intent of forgiving student loans by the current regime (in any capacity) is an attempt to buy votes. This is naked and obvious for all to see. This action alone, done illegally, is proof positive that the power structure is exercising a lever of control that is at their disposal.

And if you’ll notice, these loan forgiveness schemes are extremely targeted, open only to certain segments of the population.  My personal estimate here is that there is no plan to expand this forgiveness to the entire country by our rulers at all.  Instead, the purpose is to instill the HOPE in other borrowers that, someday, it will be expanded to their own tiny, personal segment.

But as I said, that will likely never happen under the Biden regime. Why? Because the Student Loan system is intended only to be a form of suppression and control instituted by a criminal enterprise meant to keep us financially weak and dependent on the boons of their malevolent graces.  Have you ever heard of a jailor giving the prison keys to the prisoner?

The History

The US government began guaranteeing student loans in 1965 with the passage of the Higher Education Act, which created the Guaranteed Student Loan (GSL) program. Then, in 1978 through the Bankruptcy Reform Act, it became much more difficult for student loans to be eliminated through bankruptcy. Later, in 1992 the government began directly lending to students through the Federal Direct Student Loan Program (FDSL) by the Higher Education Amendments of 1992. And finally, in 2005, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) explicitly excluded private student loans from discharge in bankruptcy thus making it virtually impossible for borrowers to eliminate their student loans through bankruptcy. Even IF they realized their mistake of believing the lies that a degree in Marxist Theory and Women’s Studies promised these young scholars, they were powerless to correct it when finally confronted with the impacts of their stupid choices.

Just from this short history we can infer a few things:  First was that lenders (before the USG took over) realized that students were taking on loans for degrees that didn’t provide an ROI.  This was the lender’s fault for not doing the due diligence necessary to ensure their investment would be repaid. Do you offer a loan to a man with no ability to pay it back? Of course not.

But instead of withholding loans from students who wanted to pursue a BS in Basket Weaving Studies (pun intended), the government perverted the free market of risk and reward, first in 1978, and then in 2005, when they purposefully excluded student loans made by lenders from discharge through bankruptcy.

And, to be fair, the lenders themselves were probably prohibited by law to withhold student loans for “BS” degrees.  Again, another perversion of the Free Market by the criminal enterprise. The criminal enterprise removed a key financial tool from an individual’s tool belt.

You Made Your Bed

Many say they are against Student Loan forgiveness because the loans were taken out by students of their own free will; they entered into an agreement so that they might reap future benefits of a secure job and financial future, and now it’s ‘time to pay what you owe.’ And, to be honest, I agreed with this argument.

I have since changed my mind on this issue.  I changed my mind when I realized the truth of the underlying premise: that the criminal enterprise will never provide you an advantage that will lead you to be stronger.

Every worm that the power structure offers has a hook hidden within it.

Student loans made by the criminal enterprise is soley intended as a mechanism to keep their serfs under control and financially weak.

When the Federal Government began to directly lend to students in 1992, American citizens taking out these loans became an asset on the Federal Government’s balance sheet.  In the years leading up to ‘the COVID Era,’ (2007-2018), the US Government generated revenues of 114 billion dollars from student loan payments, representing 1.4% of the total federal revenue during that period, paid by 28 million American citizens.

Do you honestly think the criminal enterprise will 1) give up that revenue and 2) give up that control over such a wide swath of the population through blanket forgiveness? That is against the nature of a criminal enterprise and will likely never happen.

I’m wondering if you are starting to realize what I realized: that the Federal Government, by making student loans directly, was not an attempt to boost the economy, it was to ensure hegemonic control over the population through debt.

The Road to Hell is Still a Road to Hell

The effects of student loan debt on the individual as well as the economy at large is unquestioned. It is a net drag in the extreme. But remember! From the enterprise’s point of view, it is a ‘smashing’ success. The purpose of higher education is not to improve the economy, it is to lash you down with debt. It is the modern-day equivalent to indentured servitude.

For those not familiar with the term, indentured servitude  existed in America in the 16th and 17th centuries and was a system in which people (willingly!) signed a contract (known as an ‘indenture’) in their home in Europe. This indenture contract obligated them to work for a specific period, usually 4-7 years, in exchange for transportation to the American colonies, food, shelter, and other necessities. At the end of their term, indentured servants were typically released from their contract and became free individuals.

Indentured servitude was officially abolished in the United States in 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. However, it took several decades for the practice to completely disappear, and some forms of indentured servitude continued in certain states until the mid-1800s.

This is the official account.  It does not, of course, include the human trafficking that occurs today with workers being smuggled in from China, Latin America, Central Europe and elsewhere whose passports are confiscated by smugglers and are forced to work in a variety of industries, both legal and illegal.

The point being is that people who entered these indentures in the 16th and 17th centuries  entered into them willingly. It was a 5-year work contract in exchange for passage to America.

If the practice of Indentured Servitude was so morally just, why was it abolished?

Fast forward a few centuries, and we find ourselves in a very similar situation. Eager young minds, propagandized into the belief that the only way to the good life is transport to America to earn a degree, willingly shackle themselves to a lifetime of debt and unending financial weakness.  Hell, even in the bad old days of legal indentured servitude, the contracts ended!

And, now that the Federal Government has stepped in as the indenturer by directly offering loans to aspiring scholars, borrowers have unwittingly become chattel of the federal government. Borrowers are a line item on a criminal enterprise’s balance sheet.

How does this not create a conflict of interest for the federal government?

Our indenturer has no vested interest to ever realize payment in full or release us from our contract through some sort of forgiveness scheme. It is abundantly clear to me that the criminal enterprise engineered and propagandized the promises of higher education to maintain and improve their own level of control over the citizenry through debt.

So, yes, I support removing the shackles of debt slavery from our country’s citizens.  But bear in mind, I support it not because of some uber-progressive desire for some Leftist Utopia where we are free to live out our whims of unicorn riding or painting still life art in a café in (crime-ridden) Paris.

I support student loan forgiveness because our government, by directly lending to students, purposefully turned its citizens into property with the malevolent intent to suppress and control.  It is the underlying reason that changes the calculus.

The Way Forward

The way forward is actually quite simple and fair. All that needs be done is to authorize, through legislation, the ability for the individual borrower to discharge student loans via bankruptcy. That’s it.  All other controls and impacts may remain such as impacts to an individual’s credit score, etc.  But it will be up to the individual to make the choice; not the Federal Government as a boon for living on their plantation, and not his fellow citizen as some sort of obligation to ‘pay what they owe.’

Another option might be to make student loan payments eligible to be paid by employers as a fringe benefit (for tax reductions of the company’s revenues, of course) just the same way that health insurance was once considered a fringe benefit and not a ‘right’ before the halcyon days of HMO’s.

And that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure economists much smarter than I can come up with even better solutions.

The key to understanding this point of view is to dispense with the idea that we live under a government constituted of, by and for the people. We do not.

Instead, we must come to terms with the fact that we live under a criminal enterprise masquerading as a duly constituted government and have unwittingly become its property through lies. This was done with unceasing propaganda to make us believe that college degrees and student loans were the only path to prosperity.

I ask you: How many of our fellow citizens took the jab because they believed the lie that authority told them? Should medical interventions that could reverse the effects of the poison injections be withheld from these people now that they realize they were lied to?

Of course, I could be wrong.  What the hell do I know?