BreathEasy is Shifting Gears!

The BreathEasy App has fulfilled its purpose and is now discontinued.

Yes, you read that right, the BreathEasy App is now officially retired. The conditions that forced its creation during COVID and the lockdowns have “passed” and the BreathEasy App is now collecting social security and taking it easy watching daytime TV.


But if the BreathEasy App is being retired, does this mean that BreathEasy is shutting down?

Absolutely not!

BreathEasy is shifting its mission to directly support small business.

Opening a New Front for Liberty

It is my opinion that our great nation is about to enter a period of rebuilding after the horrendous torture we all have suffered together over the last several years.

And if you’ve learned anything about me over the years, you know I am a huge supporter of small business.  Helping small business is my sincere passion and there’s nobody I respect more than the entrepreneur who risks it all to strike out on his own. The BreathEasy app was purpose built to protect small business patriots from illegal mandates. That mission hasn’t changed.

Therefore, I’d like to announce that BreathEasy is rebranding to BreathEasy Business Consulting & Bookkeeping. The new mission of BreathEasy will be to support Small Business owners directly with key services that every small business owner needs.

The Need

We all agree that there is a massive shortage of skilled tradesman. The need is undeniable. And beyond this need is the need for these tradesmen to be successful.

It does our nation no good if we have skilled men and women rebuilding our nation if those same small business owners go bankrupt because they lack the skills they need that our education system failed to teach.

While BreathEasy will specialize in advising Trades businesses, the services provided are equally applicable no matter the industry. Business owners from any sector are welcome to join me.

Meeting the Need

As part of this pivot to directly support small business, I’d like to introduce the services BreathEasy now provides:

Business Consulting and Management

  • Do you need a data-driven go/no go decision for an expansion or asset purchase?
  • Do you need assistance in optimizing your inventory?
  • Maybe you could use a hand creating email marketing campaign content?
  • Or optimize your business processes?

If this sounds like you, then please, go to and schedule a free call. Together we’ll get your business or start – up humming like a well-oiled machine.

Check Out BreathEasy Now!

In addition to the specialized services offered above, BreathEasy has slots for 10 bookkeeping clients. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a good handle on my cash flows?
  • Are my books organized?
  • Do I even HAVE books?
  • Have I seen my Profit & Loss Statement lately?

If you need assistance in setting up your books, cleaning up your books or simply managing your books, BreathEasy provides expert bookkeeping services to keep you informed with the most up to date information about the health of your company. I’m only accepting 10 clients to ensure I can provide the level of expert care necessary, so don’t delay!

The Shameless Plug

And, finally, the reason why you haven’t seen many essays from me lately and the absolutely shameless plug:

Over the last several months, I have been diligently working on a textbook that teaches the concepts and skills necessary to succeed in small business. I call it The Tradesman’s MBA and is available for pre-order now and is expected to be available July 15th.

Pre-Order Today

The Tradesman’s MBA has two target audiences:

  1. The start-up who simply doesn’t know where or how to start, and
  2. The small to medium-sized business already in operation that could benefit from more technical concepts to optimize operations.

In both cases, The Tradesman’s MBA teaches numerous business concepts and skills taught in America’s business schools to help you succeed.


We are Americans! Shouldn’t the skills necessary to start and operate a small business be required knowledge?


The Tradesman’s MBA gives you the comprehensive knowledge and skills you need to set the firmest foundation possible for your business to ensure success.

The Tradesman’s MBA leads you step by step and distills down all the key information taught in today’s business schools so that you are equipped to tackle any business question. If you’ve ever had questions about the following topics, this guide is for you:

  • Business Formation and Planning – Learn to plan your fight and fight your plan.
  • Finance and Accounting – Learn the concepts and techniques you absolutely must know to decipher what your financial statements are telling you
  • Operations, Project Management and Inventory Management – The techniques and mathematics behind it all
  • Key Metrics – Learn to measure your business’ performance and go beyond the simple P&L to dive deep on your business’ operations.

I wrote The Tradesman’s MBA to help small business and entreprenuers to succeed by teaching them the skills and techniques they need to avoid the traps and tribulations that so many others (including me!) have suffered.

The Ask

Friends, if you happen to know of a small business owner or entrepreneur that you think might benefit from BreathEasy’s services or The Tradesman’s MBA itself, please share this essay with them. Let them know that they are not alone and that BreathEasy is there to render any assistance they might need!

Friends, I am exceedingly optimistic about our country as we move into this new era, regardless of how things look right now.

Won’t you join me to help rebuild America?

Sincerely and Ever Yours,

R. Altomare, MBA, PMP, CSSBB

Founder, BreathEasy