The Left’s Petard Under Strain

I recently ran across a tweet thread (are we still calling them ‘tweets?’) from a twitter user going by the handle, @AndrewPolino.  Reading his tweet thread, I found it to be generally representative of the ignorance exhibited by the Left.  So I thought I might show it to you.

Now understand: I refuse to call any of these folks ‘Far’ Left because they simply aren’t. Their poorly-informed/poorly-formed ideas are mainstream Leftist beliefs that have metastasized through their body politic like a genetically modified Chinese virus.  Granted, these loons are radical and ‘far’ removed from reality or the standards of western civilization, but that’s a topic for another day.

Now, what caused his most recent meltdown? (I assume there’s been a series, as TDS is a chronic disease) The demolition of the Administrative State with the Supreme Court’s decision to remove Chevron Deference. Who knew something so arcane could cause such reflexive ire from an ignoramus that only heard of it when it was rescinded!

By the by, I share Mr. Polino’s label of ‘ignoramus’ as I also had never known of its existence until it was struck down!

I won’t bother restating what Chevron Deference is/was since I know my readers are all well informed on current events. Suffice it to say that a major keystone in Tyranny’s bridge to hegemony has been removed.


Our hero begins:

“Since the Supreme Court’s Chevron decision has taken independent regulation powers away from government agencies, let’s take this opportunity to review what happens now if Trump wins…”

Wait, wait, wait…I already have to stop. Mr. Polino hasn’t gone one sentence in without broadcasting his ignorance to the world.  “Independent regulation?”  Is that what we treasure?  Of course it is!  It’s right there in the Constitution!

“Regulation of, by and for the bureaucrats”

This basic and fundamental misunderstanding of our representative form of governance goes to the very core of every statement he makes thereafter.  It appears that while Mr. Polino may have the right to self-governance, he unfortunately doesn’t have the ability.

I’ve summarized the rest of his tweets being careful to show where/how I’ve edited for length.  I’ve left untouched his core logical fallacy that agencies subordinate to POTUS are also independent of POTUS.

Consider his (summarized) points:

“The president would force the now-powerless FDA to rescind its approval of …”

“The Office of Human Rights, also powerless, would no longer enforce…”

“The newly-powerless Dept. of Ed is dismantled…”

“Immigration agencies can’t act independently now…”

“The FBI and DOJ would be totally under the president’s control…”

“…all federal employees…they’re all fired … So there’s NOBODY acting independently of the president or the judiciary’s whims.”

All in all, I think Mr. Polino merely suffers from indoctrination masquerading as education, bless his heart.  He doesn’t seem to understand the basic underpinnings of representative government and accountability, the very rules he supposedly lives under.

But here’s the ironic part though: Sane people actually have quite a bit in common with the Left, as represented by Mr. Polino’s points.

Don’t roll your eyes, hear me out!

Where we agree

Both the Left and Sane People agree that the concentration of power is a bad thing. On the Left, it is the danger of banning porn or infanticide (of all things, geesh). On the right it is the danger of banning speech, thought or due process.

And here we are in the early 21st century and the Left has found themselves hoisted upon their own petard. It was they who created the Administrative State in the 1930’s when so many federal agencies were created which only ratcheted the American government towards unaccountable power ever since.

You see, power has been concentrated into the executive branch by their own actions for 100 years and thus creating a de facto king! But this was perfectly acceptable to the Left; They never had a problem with this concentration of power just as long it’s their guy where the power is concentrated. However, it appears that the Left is starting to see the folly of their thinking now that the shoe is on the other foot for the first time in nearly 100 years.

They never thought Hillary would lose

This is the irony of the situation we all find ourselves in.  The Left and Sane People actually agree that the concentration of power is bad. And when this realization becomes more and more clear to both sides (be careful of your idols), some fairly slow-moving but magical results may occur.

Fun With Predictions

If I were to make some sort of prediction, I’d say, in the long run, the very generalized result of the times we live in now will end with both The Left and Sane People of the world tacitly or implicitly agreeing on this very basic premise:

The concentration of power is ‘not good’ because at some point, it will be ‘the other guy’ with all the power. 

If the election of Donald Trump has proven anything, it is that the rule of shoes and foots will apply sooner or later.

To avoid this maxim (however delayed), I envision a future with a highly distributed organization of the United States, much like what the framers originally created.

An organization where states are not mere provinces of a national seat of power but are instead States (capital ‘s’), nations in their own right, affiliated together through the common bonds of what it means to be an American, social, geographical and historical. Our day to day concerns will likely become much more local than it is now.

But what do I know?


R. Altomare

Founder BreathEasy Business Consulting and Bookkeeping

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