Freedom’s Mid Term Exam

In 2020, the world essentially faced a Freedom Pop Quiz given by a corrupt school master. Over many decades, we had grown lazy and complacent in what maintaining a free country and citizenry required.  And after decades of no studying or maintaining Liberty’s sharp edge, our masters sprung a pop quiz on the world. We were caught flat-footed and many of us failed this test.

Now, in 2023, our enemies believe that they will meet the same citizen army on Liberty’s battlefield that they met in 2020. They have a 2019 mindset believing us to be naive waifs anxiously waiting to be told what to think and how to behave to avoid contracting a common cold dressed up with uncommon propaganda. They wrongfully believe that they can step in the same river twice and that what worked before will work again.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The world has undergone an excruciating education over these last several years.

  • Skyrocketing prices have put the most common items out of reach through purposeful inflation.
  • Housing prices have been pushed to heights unheard of just a few short years ago.
  • A raid on the country’s treasury has sent untold trillions away.
  • An in-kind contribution of military hardware to a long-time enemy in Afghanistan (accompanied by an unqualified defeat there).
  • A presidency racked by bottomless corruption and graft, led (in name only) by a pedophilic dementia patient accused by his own daughter of incestuous sexual abuse.

Need I go on? And still, I don’t believe we’ve reached the final chapter of Freedom’s textbook.

This education has provided something, however. Our understanding of the corruption and evil arrayed against a Free People has grown by leaps and bounds since 2016. We now know that evil never sleeps and “pop quizzes” are possible.  In 2023, our eyes have been opened so wide and across so many sectors and demographics of our country that we (all) are now wondering how long this corruption and suppression of the Will of the People has existed.  I shudder at the thought.  How many laws, regulations, agencies, Constitutional Amendments are null and void precisely BECAUSE they were enacted through fraud and deception? How long will it take to disentangle this mess? Can you imagine what our country might look like after the tentpoles of corruption are removed?

Many failed Freedom’s pop quiz. Our enemy absolutely succeeded in their attempt at total control in 2020. Covid was nothing but the fear carrot to get the masses to clamor for the poison stick. Untold multitudes lined up to voluntarily receive their suicide injection, failing the lessons of our past and believing the lies we all were told.

Life Is a Learning Curve

The rumblings of a second (illegal) mask mandate have been floated by our ‘leaders.’ This second (illegal) mandate represents an opportunity for us to showcase all we have learned in recent years. I am confident we have reached critical mass towards Liberty.

While many of our countrymen’s educational progress appears to have been painfully slow in the face of real world experience, I can only say that ‘life is a learning curve.’ Most will arrive at the horrific realization that their government is complicit in their own murder, but they will get there only as fast as their minds will let them. We should be patient with these people because this realization goes against everything we have ever been taught. It is naturally difficult to let go of what we thought was the truth and admit our own ignorance of the world around us.

But there’s nothing quite like global genocide in the Information Age to break us out of the delusion that we are an informed citizenry and worthy stewards of Liberty!

Here’s more good news: The upcoming mid-term grade is a group project. We ALL don’t have to pull our own weight, there will be some who simply cannot slide up that learning curve fast enough and contribute their share to Liberty’s Project. But, the good news is that most of us are prepared. Our minds are primed and our studies are complete. We have seen enough and we know the answers to the test.

And what does that preparation look like? How do we know we’re ready? Look around you! There are patriot events nearly every week. Conferences to fix our voting systems. Lawsuits fighting for the natural rights of every Human Being.

And not inconsequentially, patriots have begun the fight against woke businesses which has resulted in some very major wins. Target, Bud Lite and others are now shriveled husks of their previous selves. I take a small measure of humble pride in BreathEasy’s small contribution on this front.  Please accept my personal thank you to all those who have downloaded the app and are actively fighting back against woke businesses and supporting patriot businesses.

And, as you’ve likely heard, there are now rumblings of bringing back the (illegal) mask mandates because, well, it’s election season, of course.  But we have been preparing, studying, practicing and winning. As more and more of our fellow countrymen’s eyes have been opened yet further over the last 5 years, we have won more to our cause and instilled in our neighbors the courage to resist illegal mandates and other insults to a Free People.

But of course, it’s all brave talk by summer soldiers until the (illegal) mandates and other measures intended to grind you into the dirt are reinstated for real. And when these new (illegal) mandates are formally rolled out, will you pass the test? I say yes! You have studied. You know the material. You have seen the lies and the deadly results of those lies.

Freedom’s mid-term exams are upon us this fall when a corrupt and illegitimate government attempts to reinstate (illegal) mandates.  As our mysterious friend informed us, the world has experienced an inflection point with the publication of the (mug)shot heard ‘round the world. And you know what inflections points indicate? We are now on an upswing, a trend upwards towards the Final Exam and real change. And this upward trend towards Freedom could only have happened through diligent study and active participation to resist (illegal) mandates on a Free People.

You got this.


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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