A Tireless Minority

Reading an article in the American Thinker this morning titled; “The Character of the American People, We Can’t Have it Both Ways.” It brings up two challenging questions. Who are we and what are we willing to do? Are we still the proud home of the free, because of the brave? Or have we been sufficiently brain washed by progressive, controlled government schools? The progressive attacks started in 1885 and you can read about it in detail from an article I wrote called Stolen Education, Stolen Children Future.” Are still a people, innovative, creative and independent? Or are we a nation of takers, consumers, expecting to be fed and provided for? Who are? The American Thinker article I read this morning asks ; Is America a sleeping giant poised to regain its classic nature, or is it so far down the road of euro-socialism that a u-turn is no longer possible? It goes on to assert that if America is to regain it’s classic nature that it will take a substantial majority of Americans, but I disagree. It will not take a substantial majority. It takes a tireless  minority because we are not a democracy we are a republic!