A Plea From the Future of Liberty

This is a letter from Elizabeth Manley, our first Liberty First Intern!  She was an inspiration to me and my family.  This letter will let you know exactly why.  Hope you enjoy!  I hope that we will encourage Elizabeth and her generation to preserve Liberty for the future.  If you are encouraged by Elizabeth’s letter, please leave a comment and let her know.  I know it will make her day!  ~ KrisAnne Hall


Hello friends, family & Patriots,

11228098_1396205297372274_8576963675370872750_nWow!! I have had an adventure! I want to share my experiences and opportunities with you, and I think a good way to do that is to share with you three specific parts of my trip. I would like to give you a little history on myself, share some of what I have learned from this trip, and pass along what I hope to see happening in the future with my generation of young people.

My name is Elizabeth Grace Manley.  I live in Idaho and am the third child in a family of eight. I am seventeen, just graduated high-school, and am starting college classes this fall. Over the last ten days, I have been blessed to be able to spend time with and intern with a wonderful woman (whom many of you know) by the name of Mrs. KrisAnne Hall. I met Mrs. Hall for the first time in June of 2015.  I got to hear some of her story and listen to one of her lectures. For those of you who don’t know, Mrs. Hall is a former prosecutor, Russian Linguistic, and Army veteran. Over the last five years, Mrs. Hall has traveled the United States speaking on the Genealogy of the Constitution, State Sovereignty, Nullification, and more. When I met Mrs. Elizabeth radioHall in June, I asked if she was in need of an intern. I was excited to find that she did and had been praying for one over the last year and a half. The Lord put the puzzle together and by August 11th of 2015 I was in an airplane flying to St. Louis to meet her. Though my internship was a short one, I have learned so much. I am not informed but educated. The difference being that as an educated young woman, I am now ready to pass along all that I have learned to others, not just sit idly by knowing facts about the failings of the US. I have continued to become more and more passionate about government and what we as a nation should be doing in the States and Federal Government.  So there you have it, a little background on who Elizabeth “the intern” is.

I have learned so much over the last ten days. I learned that the Constitution is a compact (a written agreement between states not people) and the rights that the Elizabeth grp 3Constitution talks about are not new but taken from five original documents. The founding father’s looked back on their history and drafted the Constitution from their father’s writings namely five liberty charters.  I also learned that the states of America are independent sovereigns. They have all the same rights that Germany, France, and Britain have! The states came first and formed a federal government to help them not enslave them. But you see, we can’t blame where our nation is today on the president or even the government. The real reason the United States is in such chaos is because the states are lazy. They no longer care to keep their government in check, and instead they began to act like subjects. Lastly, I learned that I have Biblical role-models who righteously resisted authority! We as Christians do not have to smile and bow to every whim of the government because God tells us to submit ourselves to authority. On the contrary, we have Biblical examples who have taught us that God honors those that stand up to a tyrannical government. A few of my Biblical heroes are: Esther, Sampson, Paul, Moses, Daniel, and the Hebrew midwives.

Elizabeth grp1I have big hopes for my peers.  We are the next generation of Americans! We cannot stand by and let our nation fall. Each person will answer to God for his/her decisions and actions to guard what God has blessed us with.



Please stand with me, let’s encourage each other on to bigger and better things! Let’s face the world as a strong generation and let’s not pass this evil on to our children.

Mercy Otis Warren states: “We will stand today, or our children will fall tomorrow.”

You still have inalienable rights. You were born with the right to speak. What good does it do you if you never, ever use it?! Can we speak out against the evil, stop letting our government define things for us, and instead put government back in it’s rightful place?

Elizabeth ArchI want to thank Mrs. Hall and her family for letting me stay with them, learn from them, and have the ability to come home educated on these things! It was a wonderful opportunity and one that I would recommend to others. I so enjoyed our adventures, the radio show, speaking to others, and seeing the country! Thank you Mrs. Hall for being a passionate educator! And thank you to all of you taking the time to read this! It was a wonderful adventure. If you have any questions, please feel free to pass them on to me! 🙂


All my love and God’s blessings,

Elizabeth Manley