The Slaying of the Dragon ~ By Robert Townsend

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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the problems they represent to the current political party system are mirror images of each other. In the coming months it will be rob 1 Lextremely interesting to watch how the two Parties attempt to bring to heel their respective renegades.

Most recently, the Republican Party has gotten Trump’s signature on some sort of “Loyalty Pledge.”  Can there be any better proof of the Republican Party’s desire to rule contrary to our own wishes? I would love to know what the author of “The Art of the Deal” got in return for a meaningless piece of paper proffered by Reince “Chamberlin” Priebus. “Party loyalty in our time!”

While the genesis of Trump’s and Sander’s independence is different, the sizes of their rallies are approximately equal. Trump is, for all intents and rob r2purposes, immune to the typical financial leverage from the donor class of the American Political power structure due to his self-sufficiency. Sanders, on the other hand, has massive grassroots appeal from the hard Left even without the financial resources of Trump. As a result, Trump and Sanders are essentially out of the control of their parent parties.

But what about the Party/Donor Class favorites, Clinton and Bush?  Shouldn’t they be doing better than Trump and Sanders? Jeb Bush, on paper, is the ideal Republican Party candidate.  He is a former president’s brother which means he has all the major donors in his rolodex.  He is a former governor which gives him the Executive Experience so many governors tout as a requirement for the Presidency.  And, last but not least, he is a faithful friend to the System that we live under.  This friendship implies that the System can rest assured that the gravy train that it has enjoyed through cronyism will continue under a Jeb Administration.

Hillary Clinton, just as Jeb, is/was the ideal Democrat Party candidate (on paper, at least).  She, like Jeb, is a member of a former president’s inner circle; in Hillary’s case,rob l3 she was one of many with whom the former president “did not have sexual relations.”  Because of her access to such a rarified inner circle, she too has access to the major donors who keep the System humming.

Also, like her Republican counterpart, Hillary has Executive Experience by way of being a former Senator and Secretary of State to Barack Obama.  There’s nothing in her resume speaking to any  accomplishments that enumerate her executive experience beyond occupying an office (just ask her supporters and other low information voters), but there you have it. And really, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

Also like Jeb, she is a friend of the System.  Her lifelong membership of the Political Ruling Class ensures that she will tow the line of her benefactors, just as Jeb would.  It should be noted here that it was recently discovered that both Jeb and Hillary enjoy the same donors.  This fact alone should tell you, dear reader, that the System under which we live, does not care who wins the election; it owns both sides of the electoral equation.

rob r5Many in the punditry class love to tell you how much money each candidate has raised and describe the size of their “war chest.”  With the understanding that money rules politics and politicians, and the vast majority of those millions of dollars do NOT come from Ma and Pa Kettle sending in their five dollar donation, isn’t the amount of money ‘raised’ really only a measure of how “paid for” that particular candidate is?

Shouldn’t a candidate be insulted by large donations which only serve to imply he/she is for sale?

So with all this in mind, how are the respective party favorites doing in the era of instant information and new media? Poor Jeb is stuttering his way through pressers trying to land a punch on Trump and Hillary can’t fill high school gymnasiums barely pulling 300 people together (always be wary of close up shots of candidates speaking to an audience that obscure how many people aren’t there).

But why? Why are the party favorites failing when Trump and Sanders are exploding? In both cases, Trump and Sanders, for all intents and purposes, more accurately reflect the concerns and wishes of the electorate on both sides of the aisle. The people inherently recognize that we live within a highly managed System of Control and the support for those who buck that System are garnering the support of the population.

But I am not here to comment on who’s better, Jeb-Hillary, or Bernie or Donald.  What interests me more, and something I wish to highlight to my readers is: What does this electoral landscape imply?

Well, for one thing, there are now two Americas (Left and Right). The political consultants’ myth of the “undecided voter” is now shown to be either a long-lived farcicalrob r7 idea at worst or simply no longer true at best; There is no Middle Ground; there is no “undecided voter.” Everyone has, whether they like it or not, taken a side.

Another key take away from the current electoral landscape is that Americans (of both stripes) have realized that their government, or political party, does not represent them anymore (the only lingering question now is, how long has it been this way?).  Conservatives and Liberals both realize that the System no longer protects them, but rather exploits them.

Neither Clinton nor Bush represent the desires of Americans and the population is making its collective voice heard in this regard. The general population is now eschewing the candidates chosen for them and is instead supporting candidates that speak to directly to their concerns (left and right).

What must also be just as panicking for the System is not only are their favorite “candidates” being ignored by the population, but the tried and true mouthpieces for the “System” now appear completely obsolete and comical since the advent of New Media.

Incredibly, John Kerry himself commented about this “difficulty.” 

“This pesky Internet makes it much harder to govern, makes it much harder to organize people, much harder to find the common interest.”

This admission of the Ruling Elite’s true aim is jaw dropping.  But you must have eyes to see and ears to hear” in order to understand what he truly was trying to say.  Simply exchange the politically correct terms with what Kerry means to say and his true meaning and frustration comes into sharp focus.

What Kerry really meant was: 

“This pesky Internet makes it much harder to rule, makes it much harder to categorize people, much harder to choose the common interest.”

Quite a stark difference, wouldn’t you say?

170px-DanielWebsterI am reminded of a quote by Daniel Webster in 1837:

“There are men, in all ages, who mean to exercise power usefully; but they mean to exercise it. They mean to govern well; but they mean to govern. They promise to be kind masters; but they mean to be masters.”

People all over the country, both left and right, are waking up to the fact that the assumptions they have held for so long are proving to be false.  That the Democratic Party believes in Liberal Principles and that the Republican Party believes in Conservative Principles is now demonstrably false and the American people are waking to this truth.  The Parties are nothing more than instruments meant to control and rule, nothing more.

While the American people may differ on specifics, ultimately we will, as one people, are recognizing the overarching lie together.  And nothing can stop a people united in truth.

As people begin to question their old assumptions, they will discover that there is more that unites us than separates us.  As proof of this, I challenge you to find anyone (anyone who does not personally profit by it) who supports the chopping up humans (some of whom are still alive)  and selling their body parts. This is not a left/right issue, it is a Human issue and one that will ultimately serve to lift the veil and unite the American people.

To my eyes, it does not matter who secures the presidency.  In a perfect world the Media would occupy an adversarial position to those in power.  Lacking this, Trump has done it for them and has occupied the adversarial position himself.  And in so doing, he has (probably inadvertently) opened many people’s eyes to the System that has existed for so long.

The old assumptions are falling away. The population, once having glimpsed the truth, once having glimpsed the System as it exists to exert control, can never un-see this. rob slaying

The old System is already dead, we are merely witness to, and the instruments of, its ultimate demise.

And with this sentiment, I would like to close this essay with another quote from Daniel Webster, one that seems eerily appropriate for the times we find ourselves in.

“Wisdom begins at the end.

Yours in Our Time,

rob townsend






September 4, 2015