#Point2Ponder | The Difficulty With Guns


Of all the things I teach there are 2 things that are always most challenging from the true Liberty perspective; guns and religion.

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You might think, teaching as I do to the audiences that I teach, that those two topics would be the most enthusiastically received.  However, when these topics are addressed from the true Liberty perspective it can be difficult to accept given the way Americans have been conditioned to think.

Guns, even in conservative circles, are controversial. According to our founders (Richard Henry Lee for one) we are supposed always carry a firearm (emphasis on always).  In Lee’s perspective, if you are not armed you are not defending Liberty.  But even more challenging than that, Lee said that we should also be training our children at a young age on how to use guns.  He called these two activities, “essential to the preservation of Liberty.”

Most red blooded patriots would have no problem with those perspectives so what’s the problem?  Actually DOING them.  Ideologies are just rhetoric until you put them to use.  We like to talk big, but the doing comes hard.  (Perhaps that’s why some politicians are so popular?)

How many conservative Americans carry ALWAYS?  How many conservative Americans train their kids to carry ALWAYS?  How many conservative Americans would feel uncomfortable doing either of those things.  Yet, according to the standards of Liberty, we should be doing them as reflex, without even a second thought.

Here is an even more challenging aspect of guns and Liberty; according to Noah Webster, the American people should always out arm their government.  Yes, according to Noah, if the government owns one, we should own two.  How many Americans would be comfortable with the though that every day citizens should posses MRAPs, drones, tanks, or even WMDs?  Not many considering that they don’t even want us to have handgun shaped PopTarts.  Now think about that fact that when we have them, we are also supposed to be training our kids how to use them.  MIND BLOWN.

Here is the thought running through some minds right now, “KrisAnne, you can’t possibly think that everyday people should have access to nuclear weapons?!?”  My response?  I have a sneaky suspicion that if government knew people could own them they wouldn’t be so quick to make them.

Here is a shocker…everyday people DO own them.  We just call them by political names.  And if you wouldn’t want Timothy next door to own one, why does that opinion all of the sudden change when we elect Timothy to office and pay him with a government paycheck?  With a true Liberty perspective, we should be thinking the exact opposite.  Timothy can have one, but when he is elected to office, we need to take it away from him.

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