#Point2Ponder: Immorality of Spending

05112012_Congress_Spending_articleWhat is the definition of immoral or illegal? If Congress is actively trying to hide spending & violate the Constitution would that meet that definition?
How is it that we can continue to support anyone in the House or Senate when they are working so hard to circumvent the Constitution and destroy our Liberty?
Did you know that Congress has a “house rule” that allows for Congress to pass within the budget something called “changes in mandatory spending?” The entire concept of “mandatory spending” is wholly and completely unconstitutional. Budgets are supposed to expire so that spending will be reviewed.
spending bill memeLearn the Constitutional FACTS about the Budget HERE: http://goo.gl/bQdzVp
These “changes in mandatory spending” are called CHIMPS for short and they allow Congress, albeit illegally and unconstitutionally, to HIDE money from the taxpayers. CHIMPS mandate that the Treasury spend on certain things every year without Congressional approval. Since there is no Congressional approval necessary, Congress can’t stop the spending either, hence the term “mandatory.”
House and Senate GOP are right now trying to create CHIMPS in the sum of $40 billion dollars additional funding to the Pentagon. That means that the Treasury will be mandated to send the Pentagon an additional $40 billion dollars every year. This money will never be part of a budget again and never end. Hidden money, never accounted for again, and the theft continues with willful deceit.
federal spending chart memeSo here is the $40 billion question… Just how many CHIMPS are there and how much spending is being actively hidden from the people? What is the REAL deficit? This is so unconstitutional and so illegal, how can we ever trust any of them? Seriously?
By the way, the last time Congress actually had a budget was in 2009 and since then they have been using “continuing resolutions” to spend tax payer’s dollars all the while hiding billions (or is it trillions?) of dollars of spending from the people.