#Point2Ponder: Why the TSA Is Operating Illegally

tsa terrorist wonDealing with the TSA is a very aggravating affair. What most Americans don’t realize is that not only is the TSA unconstitutional it is currently operating illegally. The TSA is violating, every day, the very law that created it.

On November 19, 2001, Congress passed The Aviation and Transportation Act, (ATSA), as a reaction to the September 11 attacks.

Read this: http://goo.gl/blbWOV

We often see statements of how appalled or outraged our Congressmen are at the gross display of authority by the Transportation and Safety Administration (Incidentally they make the same statements about executive overreach and do nothing about it). They demand everything from control to dissolution of the TSA.

What is with all the posturing? Here is the real kick in the pants…

Congress created the TSA in 2001. In the ATSA, Congress established that after two years (in 2003) the airports had the power to privatize security and remove the TSA from the airports. In 2003, after a handful of airports began to do just that, the DOJ decided that privatization was unacceptable and threatened the airports with FAA violations if the airports went with private security. The DOJ even threatened the State of Texas by claiming they would make the State of Texas a “no fly zone” if Texans passed a law limiting the TSA. The law states that these airports can privatize. The TSA and DOJ are violating the law and using extortion methods to do it!

05112012_Congress_Spending_articleRead the DOJ’s letter to Texas: https://goo.gl/SJt9dp

How can the TSA turn around and tell the airports they will not leave when the law states otherwise? How can the TSA tell Congress that it will not allow airports to privatize. Congress has oversight over TSA, not TSA over Congress. Why has this fact gone relatively unnoticed? Why do our Congressmen continue to ignore their obligation to oversight?

P.S. Just because it will be mentioned…the TSA is not in violation of the 4th Amendment when they search without a warrant. When you buy your plane ticket, by contract you waive any 4th Amendment argument. The solution is to fly by private aircraft; they don’t get searched by the TSA.

Learn about the Congressional Oversight that should be expected and demanded by Americans: http://goo.gl/blbWOV