Signing Up For the Liberty First Brigade

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I would like to introduce Taegan, our newest Liberty First intern. She describes herself as:
~Iowa Native. Hillsdale College Student. Aspiring Attorney. Jesus Follower and Kingdom Worker. Avid Reader. Frequent Shopper. Developing Cigar Connoisseur. Pursuer of Truth and Defender of Liberty. The Future of America.~
Taegan has decided to write a blog every day describing the Liberty First life. So, in lieu of our regular #Point2Ponder I will be posting Taegan’s #LifeLibertyLaw blog.
I joked the other day that Taegan is like my Doctor Watson. I find these blogs very entertaining and inspirational.  This is her first blog.
I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we love living them. ~ In Liberty, KrisAnne

Signing Up For the Liberty First Brigade:

By Taegan James, Liberty First Intern

liberty first above all

A few months ago I received a text from my beloved grandfather that he had emailed KrisAnne Hall – Constitutional attorney, author, speaker, and talk show host – about a few issues floating around today’s political realm, and had mentioned me and a possible internship in the process. I was instructed to email her a bit about myself, explain why I want to intern for her, and what I hope to accomplish. In the hundreds or thousands of messages I have typed up, I do not think it has ever taken me so long to compose an email. I wanted to portray myself as a learned, professional individual, but seem likable and easygoing at the same time. Eventually, I hit the ‘send’ button, and anxiously waited for a reply. 24 hours felt like an eternity, but finally I saw the message in my inbox I had been waiting for. “Wonderful. Let me contact my assistant and  see the best fit for your traveling with us.” I couldn’t believe the words I had just read. This was it: I was going to intern for KrisAnne Hall and had officially signed up to be part of the Liberty-First Brigade. Now, as I prepare to leave for Idaho in two days, I am experiencing a wide range of emotions. I am both excited and nervous; confident, yet timid as I acknowledge that I know far less than my mentor. Above all, I am eager to learn and soak up all of the information and experience that I possibly can. More to come in the following days; stay tuned for all the adventures (and foreseeable blunders). Pursuing truth and defending liberty, always.

-A Devoted Patriot