Fully Fueled

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I would like to introduce Taegan, our newest Liberty First intern. She describes herself as:
~Iowa Native. Hillsdale College Student. Aspiring Attorney. Jesus Follower and Kingdom Worker. Avid Reader. Frequent Shopper. Developing Cigar Connoisseur. Pursuer of Truth and Defender of Liberty. The Future of America.~
Taegan has decided to write a blog every day describing the Liberty First life. So, in lieu of our regular #Point2Ponder I will be posting Taegan’s #LifeLibertyLaw blog.
I joked the other day that Taegan is like my Doctor Watson. I find these blogs very entertaining and inspirational.  I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we love living them. ~ In Liberty, KrisAnne

Fully Fueled #LifeLibertyLaw

by Taegan James


The day didn’t quite start out that way. On our way out of Clarkston, we didn’t get gas on the assumption there would be a station in one of the next few towns. Well, this is Idaho. Come to find out, towns are few and far in between. Even when you do happen come across one, gas stations in them are even rarer than the towns themselves. The GPS took us to one in Palouse, Idaho that we thought couldn’t possibly be a functioning pump. So we took a chance on a town called Garfield, which was only 10 miles away. The fuel light was on and the car beeped at us, but we finally pulled up to a gas station. Similar to the one we disregarded, this beat up BUSCH station looked abandoned and unusable. We stopped at a local store downtown and a woman assured us it was a working pump, so we skeptically returned to the out of date station. Sure enough, after a few minutes of tinkering and toying, the fuel was flowing, and we successfully avoided going door to door searching for gas.

The rental car is not the only thing fueled up after today. The people of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho are full of new knowledge and courage from tonight’s class on state sovereignty. Thanks to KrisAnne, they are now equipped with the tools necessary to take away undelegated powers from the federal government and place them back into the hands of the states. What a great feeling it is seeing so many people leave full of enthusiasm and motivation for upholding the Constitution. Not only are they full of enthusiasm, but they are now filled with hope that liberty can, and will, prevail.

I just finished fueling up at Texas Roadhouse after a long day. A warm roll with apple butter, some fried pickle chips, Caesar salad, green beans, and 6 ounces of sirloin later, I am stuffed to the brim. I’ll start eating real healthy again next week, that’s what I keep telling myself. Regardless, I am fully fueled and ready for another day in the life of KrisAnne Hall. That’s all for now. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Pursuing truth and defending liberty, always.

-A Devoted Patriot