Persistent Perseverance

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I would like to introduce Taegan, our newest Liberty First intern. She describes herself as:
~Iowa Native. Hillsdale College Student. Aspiring Attorney. Jesus Follower and Kingdom Worker. Avid Reader. Frequent Shopper. Developing Cigar Connoisseur. Pursuer of Truth and Defender of Liberty. The Future of America.~
Taegan has decided to write a blog every day describing the Liberty First life. So, in lieu of our regular #Point2Ponder I will be posting Taegan’s #LifeLibertyLaw blog.
I joked the other day that Taegan is like my Doctor Watson. I find these blogs very entertaining and inspirational.  I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we love living them. ~ In Liberty, KrisAnne
me and Taegan
Persistent Perseverance
by Taegan James

Today was a fairly laid back day for Liberty First. After recording today’s radio show very early this morning, we had all afternoon off until tonight’s class. I considered writing about the despicable Richard Posner, who was the topic of today’s podcast, but I have been angered by his actions and statements enough for one day.

We all went for a group workout session in the hotel, went through shower rotations, and then waited for KrisAnne to finish up with a telephone interview. Those are some of my favorite moments. I get to listen in on very interesting, political happenings that most people never hear about. I learned so many disgusting, disturbing things about how the Clintons have wrecked havoc upon the people of Haiti. For anyone who tries to tell me that the Clinton family has carried out wonderful acts of generosity in Haiti, I have very reliable primary sources that can attest to the fallacy of these claims. In fact, KrisAnne and her husband JC are missionaries to Haiti and are there a couple of times every year. They know Haitian history and current events, and have seen firsthand how the Clinton family has singlehandedly destroyed the economy, incited political turmoil, and obstructed post-earthquake rebuilding efforts. Through the strife, the Haitian people seem so full of joy and hope. I am able to personally say that because I got to see some of them over FaceTime, as KrisAnne’s husband is there currently. A local man even climbed a tree to show me how they retrieve their coconuts! Islander Evangelistic Ministries is trying to change, or at least better, the current living situations and opportunities for prosperity in Haiti. They are a small group that tirelessly serve the kingdom of God and persistently preserve through all the unpleasantries that accompany third-world countries. This ministry sees a brighter future for Haiti, and works passionately to actualize that vision. To learn more or donate to their cause, click on the link embedded in the text.

After the interview, we had a movie day as promised to Colton. He shared two of his favorites with me: Blended, and Eddie the Eagle. The latter is about Michael “Eddie” Edwards who aspires to be an Olympian all his life. Throughout the movie he overcomes a childhood injury, doubt and discouragement from everyone around him, and the fact that England does not even have a ski jumping team. He wants to go to the Olympics so badly, that he lets nothing stand in his way. I won’t tell you how it ends, so you’ll just have to watch it yourself. All I have to say is, that is persistence and perseverance if I’ve ever seen it. But don’t take my word for it.

At tonight’s event in Coeur D’Alene, I was able to listen to KrisAnne’s “Religious Liberty” class for the first time. I expected nothing less than outstanding, and that is what she delivered. I heard part of the Religious Liberty content on Sunday during the five-hour Roots of Liberty workshop, but I was excited to go more in-depth with the material and learn more specific details. This course showed me truly how important religious liberty is in this country. Liberty for one, must mean liberty for all. One of my favorite quotations of the night is from John Leland at the Virginia Baptist General Convention. Here he said, “every man ought to be at liberty to serve God in a way that he can best reconcile it to his conscience.” Whether you practice one of the various Christian denominations, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or none at all, you are at liberty to do so. As a Christian who desires to spread the Gospel, this reality is a positive one. People shouldn’t come to Christ because they are forced or feel coerced. They should find salvation because they freely CHOOSE to and actually believe in the redeeming power of Christ’s blood. If more Americans understood the true meaning of religious liberty and the separation of church and state, this union would be in a much different place. That is what KrisAnne Hall is trying to do at Liberty First. For six years she has been persistently traveling and teaching so that people may come to know truth. Without any speaking fees, Liberty First operates solely by faith; trusting that God will provide. And he certainly has. America has a brighter future ahead, as long as its people persevere and do their part in rebuilding the republic. She concluded the night by saying, “We can do this. I believe it in my soul. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” I believe it too. For with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Pursuing truth and defending liberty, always.

-A Devoted Patriot