Quiet Acts Of Liberty

taegan memeI would like to introduce Taegan, our newest Liberty First intern. She describes herself as:

~Iowa Native. Hillsdale College Student. Aspiring Attorney. Jesus Follower and Kingdom Worker. Avid Reader. Frequent Shopper. Developing Cigar Connoisseur. Pursuer of Truth and Defender of Liberty. The Future of America.~
Taegan has decided to write a blog every day describing the Liberty First life. So, in lieu of our regular #Point2Ponder I will be posting Taegan’s #LifeLibertyLaw blog.
I joked the other day that Taegan is like my Doctor Watson. I find these blogs very entertaining and inspirational.  I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we love living them. ~ In Liberty, KrisAnne


Quiet Acts of Liberty
Quiet Acts of Liberty
by Taegan James

There is a historical act of liberty that, despite common misconception, was completed quietly and solemnly. This event I am referring to is the Boston Tea Party on March 31, 1774. Many portrayals of the famous tea-dumping depict patriots dressed as Mohicans angrily throwing the crates over and behaving in a manner that suggests riot ensued. This, however, was not the case. As KrisAnne explained in her Disarming of America class, the Boston Tea Party was actually a very silent, reserved protest. The men did not riotously storm and loot the ship, but very calmly obtained the key from the ship-master, took care of their business, and left quietly. They even repaid the East India Trading Company for the money lost in damages. We don’t see these peaceful protests in America today. Instead, we see mobs and riots that destroy, loot, and set afire private property. And to do what, exactly? They are not fighting for liberty because by damaging others’ property, they violate the liberty of others. Protests, on the other hand, properly exercise the freedom to assemble in order to stand against injustice.

I learned about countless other quiet acts in the name of liberty; some of which I had never before heard. Mercy Otis Warren wrote plays about the principles of liberty throughout the colonies. Wives and daughters of wealthy merchants and notable businessmen courageously signed their names on a document; refusing to purchase the taxed goods the British crowned mandated. An elderly woman convinced British regular troops that a patriot army was on its way so that Paul Revere could escape and warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock. All of these actions were done in the name of liberty, and are generally unheard of or go unnoticed today. What if these people of the past hadn’t done their part? You see, every single person has their own role to play in securing and defending liberty. Whether it’s teaching the Constitution and education the public like KrisAnne Hall, or simply exercising your five 1st Amendment rights on a regular basis, you are living a liberty lifestyle. If every American plays their part, we will be well on our way to restoring the republic.

Pursuing truth and defending liberty, always.

-A Devoted Patriot