Sorry For the Inconvenience

~Iowa Native. Hillsdale College Student. Aspiring Attorney. Jesus Follower and Kingdom Worker. Avid Reader. Frequent Shopper. Developing Cigar Connoisseur. Pursuer of Truth and Defender of Liberty. The Future of America.~
Taegan has decided to write a blog every day describing the Liberty First life. So, in lieu of our regular #Point2Ponder I will be posting Taegan’s #LifeLibertyLaw blog.
I joked the other day that Taegan is like my Doctor Watson. I find these blogs very entertaining and inspirational.  I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we love living them. ~ In Liberty, KrisAnne

Think about this, when a computer program fails and the message “sorry for the
inconvenience” pops up on the screen, what do you do? Do you just say “oh well” and quit whatever you were doing? Or, do you figure out what the problem is and continue working? My guess would be the latter. This exact thing happened at tonight’s class when Microsoft Powerpoint unexpectedly turned off. We didn’t just pack up our things and call it a night, the issue was immediately confronted, remedied, and business went on as usual. Yes, the interruption was slightly bothersome, but inconveniences should NEVER impede us from fighting to preserve liberty. I’m sure it wasn’t all that comfortable for our forefathers to fight a war for freedom, but they gave their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor so that we may enjoy the “Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and out Posterity” (Declaration of Independence). Think about that the next time you think it’s too “inconvenient” to call one of your legislators to demand that they comply with the Constitution.

Pursuing truth and defending liberty, always.

-A Devoted Patriot