Hillary Clinton: Running For Her Life

This is a guest article by my friend, Robert Townsend.  Hope you enjoy…I sure did! ~ KrisAnne


hillary queenAs if you hadn’t heard enough political speculating, here’s some more…

I’ve been wondering. Why the hell is Hillary Clinton “running” for president anyway? I mean, I think we can all agree that Hillary isn’t (nay, can’t) run anywhere with fresh health concerns being revealed daily. By any count, her “Foundation” has raked in untold millions. Of course, those are just the millions we know about; the number could actually stretch into the billions, but let’s just stick to what we know for now.

So the question remains: Why is she running? She has likely been suffering from a variety of illnesses for quite a while which is just now finally taking hold in the electorate’s consciousness. But she’s of course known about her weak health for quite a hillary stumblewhile.

She has more money than any person could hope to collect in a hundred lifetimes, so why not sit back and enjoy her retirement and grandchildren free from the financial worries that her political and duplicitous machinations have doomed the rest of the country (and world?) to? Surely hundreds of millions of dollars is ‘enough’ to secure herself and her family’s needs, is it not? In comparison, even at his worst, ole FDR himself didn’t look nearly as frail as Hillary does today, and that man had polio, in the 1920’s!

hillary glassesThe Clinton family and their “foundation” has collected hundreds of millions of dollars, that we know about, over the years. I believe it’s safe to say that they have no mortgages, no credit card bills hanging over their head, no car payments, etc. Just what do you think they plan to do with all that dough? Make more dough? Paraphrasing our good friend Harrison J. Bounel (042-68-4425), “I do think that at some point you’ve made enough money” (2010). Is that not a sound financial recommendation, or am I expecting too much that our betters live by the words they would doom the rest of us to?

So, if the Clinton Nostra has enough money to live on for the rest of their lives, why bother to continue in the hillary fdrfight for the presidency? Their comfort is assured and her ill-health would argue to slow down; but she doesn’t. Why not?

All the pieces are there for anyone willing to put them together. We are only learning now, as a country, how the Clintons turned the State Department (and her senate office before that? And Bill’s presidency before that?) into a political cash register. The entire Clinton clan has raised the stakes of pay-for-play beyond the dreams of the

Borgias. It’s just out-moded and doddery thinking to believe that a secret can remain a secret in the information age.

hillary obamaLooking at her pathetic campaign and the way she obtained her party’s nomination (she didn’t win it), we can only assume that she and her courtiers fully anticipated a typically milquetoast Republican candidate to run against her (all but ensuring an easy victory as the ones before). How else to explain the attempted use of the tried and true tropes of calling anyone running against her a racist, sexist, “homo-phobe” or bigot? The fact that the current Republican nominee is immune to her attacks seems to escape Duchess Clinton and her advisors.

Not to get off topic, but Hillary’s intent to steal the election just as she stole the primary from Sanders is glaringly obvious. Consider for a moment that the purpose of a real election is to convince more people than your opponent that you are the better choice, right? So, when Hillary is calling Trump’s supporters Racists, Bigots and “homo-phobes” this shows that she has literally no intent to convince the fence-sitters that she is the better candidate. Why? Because doesn’t need your hillary pointingvote and she doesn’t care about your vote. She didn’t need the Sanders supporters to change their minds and she certainly doesn’t need yours either.

Getting back on topic: The gargantuan speaking fees for Bill and Hillary are also a huge give-away as to what her intentions are once she is in office. Is it possible that Bill and Hillary were selling access to the Presidency of the United States with the justified expectation of her coronation? Is it possible that we should we look back on the first Clinton presidency with a more jaundiced eye? I hear the White House Lincoln B&B makes a killer waffle in the morning…

hillary stalinOf course she’s selling access, don’t fool yourself. We already know she’s willing to sell access ex post facto as revealed by the most recent news articles. Expanding her market to ex ante is the only logical next step.

One wonders: has she considered the likely fallout from all of her creditors if she lost the presidency (again)? I wonder if Harry Reid might be able to offer some insight into the thugs they do business with and their understanding nature when he couldn’t deliver on promises he made due to those pesky little people’s unreasonable expectations to keeping their own private property?

hillary riedSo if Julius and Ethel Clinton have indeed sold out their country based on ‘future consideration,’ and it is shaping up that the race is not as easily won as her vote-rigging experts have told her, it is likely that her creditors may not take kindly to her inability to follow-through on the promised access and favors she so willfully promised…and she knows it.

hillary pigdogAnd there we have it. For all intents and purposes, Hillary Clinton can’t stop running for the presidency. She can’t retire to the country and her dirty money. She has pre-sold so much access to so many despots and crony “capitalists” that she must continue. You don’t think those who bought that access would let her off the hook so easily, do you? Did Harry Reid?

In spite of her very ill health, it appears that Hillary Clinton is, literally, running for her life.



rob townsend