The Corrupt Rug, Pulled… A Follow Up to Hillary's Run

Please enjoy a follow-up to the article “Hillary Clinton- Running For Her Life” by my friend Robert Townsend.  ~ KrisAnne


The Corrupt Rug, Pulled…

by Robert Townsend

hillary-pneumoniaI was already considering a quick follow up to my previous essay (Running for Her Life) but recent events have unfolded which forces me to get my thoughts in front of you, dear reader, earlier than I expected.  I do this to provide some perspective for the likely fallout of Hillary Clinton’s recent, ehem, medical event.

In my most recent essay, I posited that HRC is running for president, not for any grandiose or altruistic sense of duty or to make history (herstory?) as the first female American chief executive, but rather to make good on corrupt promises she has made to all the shiny despots the world over.  But now it appears that the expectations of her coronation have gone a bit wobbly.

If we were to walk in her sensible shoes for a moment, it becomes clear that every time that she or her sycophants announced her excellent medical health, the goal was not to keep the party faithful on board or to win over that “Bucket of Deplorables” to her side.  Remember, she doesn’t need you or your vote; the election is all but stolen already.  But in order for that to happen, she must maintain access to the money that finances her usurpation.

we-at-hillarySo if the assurances of good health weren’t meant for the voters, who were they for? Her financiers.  They, above all else, is what keeps Hillary in the game. The last thing she needs is for her benefactors to begin to doubt that their horse might actually be sickly.  If her financiers see that their money is not invested in a sure thing (as any money-wise person is apt to do), they very well may pull the rug out from under her and stop throwing good money after bad.  This must be avoided at all costs.  I wonder what their opinions were when it was reported that an ambulance was now part of their candidate’s motorcade?

And all this was before HRC’s latest Weekend-At-Bernie’s episode.  And thanks to the video that is now circulating around the internet (and the offices of Chinese and Russian Foreign Intelligence as well), the media can no longer run interference and call accusations of her poor health a conspiracy theory.

If the conversations were not already happening in the dark and smoky back rooms of Hillary and Obama’s masters, they most certainly are now.

The string pullers who are actually financing her campaign and expecting their quid pro quo must now seriously doubt that she can even make it to electionday.  Her illness(es?) is/are now so transparent that even the co-opted media must discuss it in serious terms.  This is huge; the smoke is lifting.

So the puppeteers must now make a choice:

soros-puppetDo they continue throwing good money after bad to get a losing horse across the finish line and get nothing in return or do they stop funding her altogether and keep their powder dry for a time when they can have more influence? WWSD?  (What Would Soros Do?)

As part of the theatre that is the current general election, we, as serfs, will never see or know that her money well had dried up.  If we knew just how much external, foreign money was spent to feed Dutchess Clinton’s avarice, the truth would be exposed that she never represented you, her loyal subjects.

Instead, we will likely read “due to health reasons, HRC has decided to pull out of the race” which wouldn’t be altogether untrue!

But withdrawing from the race has its own complications.  If she pulls out, the DNC and its fiduciary masters will then have to deal with the chaotic aftermath of HRC “suspending her campaign.”

According to DNC rules, that means Sanders is automatically nominated.  Talk about a twist worthy of a John Grisham novel…The underdog wins in the end, the Bad News Bears bats in a triple to win the game, the nerdy free-love freeloader gets the cheerleader.

bernie sanders and robin hoodThe DNC rules of course, mean absolutely nothing to an organization that invented “Super Delegates.” Don’t be surprised when Sanders “graciously and humbly refuses” the nomination, preferring to spend time with his family, all the while with a .38 snub nose in his back.

Ironically, Sanders at the moment is the only democrat candidate that could actually give Trump a run for his money.  Not because Sanders’ ideas are so much better (they’re really more of a punchline), but because Sanders voters are so ignorant to economics, loyal to their ignorance and excited to vote for a man who (just as Trump) rails against the corruption of the world around us.

So if HRC loses her funding, and Sanders plays the elder statesman with a black eye and refuses the nomination, what then?  The DNC forced into a last minute replacement (voted on by nobody) such as an Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden?

The answer to that question is simply, “who knows?” Who knows what that den of vipers is capable of?

But at the end of the day, understand that if Her Highness does indeed “suspend her campaign” it most certainly was not to recuperate.  She simply lost the faith of those who were paying her bills, despots and dictators.


rob townsend