In Memory of LaVoy Finicum


On January 26th 2016, One Cowboy Took a Stand for Freedom and lost his life.

LaVoy Finicum had his life taken from him by out of control agents of law enforcement as he was on his way to a meeting.  On that day a wife lost a devoted husband and children lost a loving father.

Approximately one year later on January 28th. 2017, the Finicum family sponsored an event called “The Meeting with LaVoy Finicum That Never Happened” as a way of remembering and commemorating LaVoy as a man who took a stand for liberty and the Constitution above all else and paid the ultimate price.

This event was held at the John Day Fairgrounds in Oregon and as a way of honoring his death, a number of speakers were invited to talk and speak and since I had been somewhat involved during the standoff I was invited to speak about State Sovereignty.

The video you are about to watch is my talk from that day.

To give fair warning the quality of the video and the audio is not studio level. There were no formal plans to record the event but someone from the crowd graciously took the time to record my talk.

In spite of the fact that the video and audio is not studio quality and in spite of the fact that there’s crowd noise in the background and in spite of the fact that you’ll even hear a baby crying once or twice, it is important that you listen from start to finish without interruption.

Listen not just to what I may be talking about on stage about how the path back to liberty and limited government does not run through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Listen not just to what I have to say about remembering what our Constitution says about state sovereignty, because if you exclusively listen to what I have to say you may miss the most important message of all.  I can’t tell you what that message is. I can only tell you that it will be a message that will come through to you loud and clear.

Listen to the talk about state sovereignty, hold the memory of LaVoy and his sacrifice in your mind and while you do the most important message of all will be spoken to you through your heart.

You are welcome to share your heart below if you wish to and share this article with anyone who you know that has the heart to heart to listen.

Support for the LaVoy Finicum Family

Even in his absence, the Lavoy Finicum family, driven by the indefatigable spirit of liberty, freedom and LaVoy’s memory continue to work to educate others and bring about a more Constitutionally limited government.

If you share that same spirit, take a moment to visit their wonderful website called “One Cowboys Stand for Freedom” to learn how.

Links to media coverage of the event.