Is America Going to War With Iran?

Today’s #Point2Ponder:

At #LibertyFirst we have been talking a lot over the past 2 weeks about Separation of Powers and how Congress keeps pushing its Constitutional responsibilities and obligations off on the Executive Branch. Here we go again.

The Constitution vests the power of the military in Congress, which includes raising troops, funding military actions, and declaring war. The only time, #ConstitutionallySpeaking, the President has control over the military is after a formal declaration of war.

In HJ Resolution 10, Congress is “giving permission” to the President to use military force in Iran. “Giving permission” is a violation of separation of powers and a shirking of responsibility by Congress. Congress must declare war before the President can control the troops, unless it is of immediate and unexpected necessity, and then only for a limited period of time unless Congress declares war.  Giving permission in advance proves there is time to act and no immediate emergency exists.

Why was our Constitution written this way? The People are supposed to be in direct control of the US going to war, not the President. That only happens when Congress does the job the Constitution demands of them. There are reasons why the President is not supposed to have this power, reasons established as truth for over a milinium of history.

James Madison, the father of our Constitution said that Congress must be the body in control of war because history proves that executives will go to war on any occasion.

Fed #69 explains that this separation of power is necessary to prevent the president from becoming a king.

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The House of Representatives seems dead set on making Kings.

Why would Congress refuse to fulfill their Constitutional responsibilitiesWhy would Congress refuse to fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities? Because it is just too easy to take advantage of an unknowing people and give power to the President that he shouldn’t have so every Congressman can place the blame on someone other than himself.

Wonder why it seems like America is constantly in one military action after another? It is because Congress continues to operate unconstitutionally and the executive is allowed to do what executives ALWAYS do, throught history, go to war.

Those who do not know thier history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

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