#Point2Ponder: Honor For Aye

March 5, 1770 Crispus Attucks, a Freed Slave, dies so our children could be free.
Crispus Attucks was a freeman who became a whaler with the merchant marines.  His ship was docked in the Boston Harbor on March 5, 1770. That day, there was a loud ringing of bells.  Mr. Attucks thought there to was a fire. He ran out of his ship to put out the fire, only to find that the bells were calling to Patriots to fight against the government who had picked up arms against their own people. Without a single thought of his own safety, Mr. Attucks ran back into the ship and got 55 of his shipmates to join him in the battle for Liberty. Mr. Attucks knew he had to fight for Liberty. Since he used to be a slave, he knew that Liberty was the most important thing. The King’s soldiers were waiting for them and Mr. Attucks was shot and killed.  This is the history of the Boston Massacre.
Here is a poem written about Crispus Attucks in his day:
And honor to Crispus Attucks, who was leader and voice that day;
The first to defy, and the first to die, with Maverick. Carr, and Gray.
Call it riot or revolution, his hand first clenched at the crown;
His feet were the first in perilous place to pull the king’s flag down;
His breast was the first one rent apart that liberty’s stream might flow;
For our freedom now and forever, his head was the first laid low.
Call it riot or revolution, or mob or crowd, as you may,
Such deaths have been seed of nations, such lives shall be honored for aye.
Mr. Attucks was not the only hero that was a freed slave, many freed slaves formed the Bucks of America, a militia from the state of Massachusetts. George Middleton was a freeman and a former African. He volunteered to be a leader in the fight for Liberty. Mr. Middleton was given the rank of Colonel in his army called the Bucks of America. He continued the fight for Liberty after the Revolutionary War by forming the African Benevolent Society in 1796, that provided assistance to widows and orphans from the war for Independence.
There were actually battalions of freed slaves who fought in our war for independence from Great Britain.  The States had a provision that if a slave wanted to fight for Liberty, he would be a freeman forever.  Who better to know the value of Liberty than one who had been enslaved?
Our modern, progressive education system, however, would rather write these men out of the history books than teach of their sacrifice and bravery.  They do this so they can teach our children that the Constitution was a document of oppression and that minorities had no role in the winning of our Independence.  This is the worst form of bigotry; denying these men their honor due to promote lies and control minds.  Most Americans have never even heard the names Crispus Attucks, George Middleton, Peter Salem, or Ned Hector.  This corrupt education system and their progressive agenda ensures that our future will never know these former slaves who gave their only free breath so we could live in Liberty today.  That should be offensive to our souls, that should cause outrage in our education system, and that should make us weep.
Let’s correct this gross injustice done the the memory of Mr. Attucks and these brave Patriots. Let’s teach the TRUTH!
This historical excerpt is from my book: Essential Stories for Junior Patriots.  This book will teach of these heroic patriots and many more that our school books purposely ignore.