A New Revelation?





New Revelation about the Declaration Of Independence?

There are some asserting that a recently discovered replica of the Declaration offers new insight on the creation of our federal government and its proper operation.

This newly discovered document is not an original. The experts say it is a after publish reproduction that is not even an accurate copy. But watch how these professional deceivers take these inaccuracies and turn them into “proof” that their lies are true.

The difference between the documents is that in the original document, the names of the signers are grouped by state. In this reproduction, however, the order is jumbled.  The “experts” assert this “new order” is intentional.

“The team hypothesizes that this detail supported efforts, made by Wilson and his allies during the Constitutional Convention and ratification process, to argue that the authority of the Declaration rested on a unitary national people, and not on a federation of states,” Sneff and Allen wrote in the statement.  The argument is that the union was not created by the States but by the people.

There is a popular movement in America to eliminate the control and authority of the States and replace with with a pure democracy. In this movement of federal supremacy, they will (and are) using this reproduction as false evidence of their errant assertions.

The goal is to convince the public of several things:

1. That the States are not a vital part of the United States.

2. That the independence of the colonies was completed by majority vote and not by agreement of the States.

3. By asserting the “people” over the “States” they can undermine the proper operation of our Constitutional Republic and assert that we are a democracy controlled by popular opinion, or “will of the people.”

4. By asserting the will of the people over the States, it destroys the Sovereignty of the States and removes the greatest check on federal power that exists in our Constitutional Republic: The States.

5. By asserting the will of the people over the Constitution itself, eliminates the established legal boundaries of government and allows government to exercise any power or authority that the “will of the people” can desire.

6. By asserting this “will of the people” lie, our government will be tranformed into one with no limits at all; a government driven by majority power; a government where minority groups and those without political power will be nothing but subjects and slaves.

Our Constitutional Republic was not created to ensure the will of the people. Our Constitutional Republic was created to protect us from the will of the people. History proves that power placed into the hands of a majority or powerful always drives the will of the people to a greed for more power and a oppression of the minority and powerless to obtain that goal.

The federal government is to be opposed by the States to the preservation of Liberty and the elimination of State power will result in the complete loss of Liberty.

James Madison, The Father of the Constitution, has some very powerful words that we should take to heart as we contemplate this attempt to eliminate the power and relevance of the States.

“…because the state legislatures will jealously and closely watch the operations of this (federal) government, and be able to resist with more effect every assumption of power than any other power on earth can do; and the greatest opponents to a federal government admit the state legislatures to be sure guardians of the people’s liberty.”

The academic elite have ignored history and the available writings of the drafters of the Declaration and Constitution for decades.  Why would they be so excited about this 250+ year old document?

There are those who want to increase federal power and establish federal supremacy in America.  They are federal supremacists. These federal supremacists know what Madison said is true, that the States are the greatest protector of the people’s Liberty and the greatest opponents on earth to federal power.

Federal supremacists need to discredit the established power of the States to eliminate this powerful opponent to achieve their goal. They know they cannot do it by the sword. But they know they don’t have to, they have a more powerful weapon, the power of academic deception.

What is most telling about this deception is that the full body of the Declaration of Independence remains unchanged in this reproduction. The only change is in the signature section.  These deceivers are intentionally ignoring the truth of text and isolating the error to prove their errant points.  It is what we call a “red herring,” a falacy of logic.
I am, however, encouraged by this effort.  This red herring proves that the federal supremacists are becoming very worried about their power.  They are beginning to realize an awakening of truth is happening in America and their reign of control is in jeopardy.  I feel blessed to be a small part of that awakening!  You can join in the power of truth, too!
To speak truth we must know truth. To speak truth with boldness we need to be confident in the truth. Its not just enough to know. We MUST SPEAK.

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