Declaration, Courts, & Budgets

There really are very few things that are new under the sun. Especially as it relates to the insatiable lust for control that drive our rulers.

The remedy to their pathology is simple though: We must make them accountable to the Constitution and the way to do that is through education.

  • Then the smoke of their deception will be rendered transparent.
  • Then we will recognize the purposeful delusion they engage in when they talk of  the newly discovered version of the “Declaration of Independence” that (supposedly) diminishes the power of the states.
  • Then we can hold our Congressman accountable for funding unconstitutional programs as they stoke our fears about the cataclysmic consequences of a government shutdown.

Time to start holding them all accountable.

Alternatively you can listen to “Declaration, Courts and Budgets” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

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