Correcting Illegal DOJ Activity

US AG Jeff Sessions has ended the practice of DOJ slush funding, for now. Will we take time to look at the real problem so we can ensure a permanent solution?

During the Obama Administration apparently it was the practice of the DOJ to make corporations under indictment by the DOJ to pay millions of dollars to non-related non-profit organizations as part of their settlements with the DOJ. These non-profits were not victims, they were not even related parties to the cases. The DOJ was engaging in a “forced charity” (otherwise known as extortion) of their choosing. Were they enriching their friends? What do you think? (Sarcasm)

This practice is blatantly unethical and illegal!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 Jeff Sessions sent a memo to his offices telling prosecutors they are no longer allowed to do this. Good thing, right? Perhaps in the short term, but in the long run, what is the big picture?


The DOJ engaged in this practice for at least 8 years, unchecked. How were they able to conduct illegal and unethical settlements?!?

Because YOUR Congressman did NOTHING about it. Your Congressman is the essential check and balance on the executive branch.

Article 2 sec 4 of the US Constitution REQUIRES that Congress impeach all civil officers engaged in illegal activity. Your Congressman had a legal, Constitutional, and ethical responsibility to stop this.

Out of 535 people, why didn’t one single politician say a single word about this to the public during over 8 years of illegal operation of the DOJ? Why isn’t anyone in Congress talking about impeachment? Perhaps they were enriching their friends, too? What do you think?

So blame Obama, blame Holder all you like. The absolute Truth is it was and still is the ultimate responsibility and duty of YOUR Congressman to do something about it.

I am not talking about passing a new law? Why do we have to have a new piece of legislation to declare that government agents and agencies cannot engage in activity that is ALREADY ILLEGAL for civilians?!!?

Who is being impeached?  Any judge that signed these settlements must be impeached.  Any federal attorney requesting these settlements must be impeached.

Who is being prosecuted for these crimes?  Which federal prosecutor is being disbarred for these unethical and illegal activities?

YOUR Congressman MUST start criminal prosecution and impeachment of every federal prosecutor and judge that engaged in this activity. Law, ethics, and the Constitution demand it.

If either Congress or Jeff Sessions refuse to enact real consequences for this illegal activity, they are not only condoning it, they are ensuring that this practice will begin again, once there is a new AG in office.