Weekly Wake-up Call To Action! – 1st Week of September 2018

Rise And Shine Liberty Loving Patriots,

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so we can work together to Take Back The Narrative!The Senate confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began this week.  We have been diligently covering this historical process in a way that only we can do; with Fact, Truth, Constitution, and Principle.   This is an amazing teaching moment for the American people, not only regarding this essential Constitutional process, but the broken nature of our federal government and the near complete ignorance of the majority of our politicians.  How can we preserve Liberty, how can we ensure the Constitution is upheld, how can we end this political nightmare and restore American principles?  The only way is to educate Americans so they WANT to fix this.  That education always begins right here at both www.KrisAnneHall.com and www.LibertyFirstUniversity.com.  

This week KrisAnne had a number of media appearances, wrote several articles, and continues to teach the Constitution all across America.  Scroll down and see what we have been doing and where we will be going.  As always, we thank you for your support, without your prayers and your generosity, all of this would not be possible.

We cannot ensure the future Liberty of America if we continue to allow our neighbors to remain ignorant and misinformed.  Constitutional Education begins with www.KrisAnneHall.com.

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September marks Constitution month and we celebrate the signing of our Constitution on September 17.
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This week our topics were:

  1. Daily Journal: Marxism, Labor Day, & Hollywood Hating the American Flag http://bit.ly/LaborDayHatingFlag
  2. Daily Journal: Desperate Dems Attack Boogie Man Kavanaugh  http://bit.ly/DesperateDemsKavanaugh​​​​​​​
  3. Daily Journal More Kavanaugh Fireworks http://bit.ly/KavanaughFireworks
  4. Daily Journal: Kavanaugh Talks Guns & NY Times Talks Trash http://bit.ly/KavanaughNYTimesOpEd
  5. Shadow Banning- Free Speech- Facebook Commies- & Obama’s Return   http://bit.ly/ShadowBanCommies


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  1. If our Rights are to be secure, then Americans must know this about vetting future Supreme Court Justices:


  1. A scathing anonymous Op Ed mysteriously appears in the NY Times.  Constitutionally speaking what does this mean?  Treason? Sedition? Worse?  Let me explain:   http://bit.ly/NYTimesTrumpOpEd

Media Appearances:

Last week KrisAnne and JC were in NYC, where KrisAnne was able to do several in-studio interviews with several different news outlets.  It was a great time delivering truth, principle, and Constitution within the mainstream media!  REMEMBER without your support, none of this is possible, so WE thank YOU!

  1. Tuesday KrisAnne was on i24 News with Michelle Makori discussing the Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings.
  2. Wednesday KrisAnne was on the air with Dan Abram’s Law & Crime. This was a fantastic show where KrisAnne and a rather liberal attorney discussed the potential legal future with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.
  3. Wednesday KrisAnne was also on set with NewsMax and the John Bachman show.  Catch the show here: http://bit.ly/NewsMaxKrisAnne 
  4. Thursday, bright and early, KrisAnne was on the Fox & Friends First show with Heather Childers.  This 4 minute clip was so frightening to the Liberals, that is caused Facebook to ban KrisAnne’s post and the sharing of that post by other people.  See the clip here and decide for yourself why KrisAnne is so “scary.” http://bit.ly/KrisAnneFoxFriendsFirst
  5. Finally on Friday morning, KrisAnne Was on Conduit News with former gubernatorial candidate Jan Morgan. Listen to this awesome interview on Gun Restraining Orders http://bit.ly/JanMorganKrisAnne

Continuing Education:

Have you seen the new course atwww.LibertyFirstUniversity.com on Taxtion and the Constitution?  This coming week we are releasing a brand new course call The Art of the Argument.  In this course JC and I teach you how to craft a winning and persuasive argument in order to defend Liberty and educate our future!

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